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bias in the media

Why Trump Won on Display

Bitter Clingers Cartoon by Ben GArison
The reasons for Trump winning the Presidency are many and range pretty widely across demographics. But I have a suspicion that of those reasons two stand supreme: painting large swaths of people with a broad brush of racism, bigotry, homophobia, Islamophobia, globophobia, agoraphobia, well...you get it. Fake news. Which is ironic since it's the left that claims they are the target of fake ...
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Robot Goes Rogue?

We hear a lot about media bias. This simple story about a robot named Fabo is a good example of how such bias can be subtle. But subtle is often very effective. In this case it's the language used in the headline "Robot Goes Rogue" and in the body of the article, "The aggressor was Fabo". But someone (like me) who actually takes the time to read the article (because I love robots) will find jus...
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