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Sue’s Favorite Sword: YouTube Video

I’m not sure why really but swords have always fascinated me. I have a nice collection of them and I’ve trained in their use. I’ve studied fencing, Asian martial arts sword use, and the use of a broad sword as well. The swords in the below video show signs that they were owned by different people. Each person put their own unique design on the sword but left some of the old design as well. They weren’t trying to create a uniform pattern or aesthetic, but rather, we guess, were honoring the previous owner of the sword. We don’t know if the sword was handed down from warrior to warrior or if it was taken during battle. I think one of the reasons swords fascinate me is just how personal a thing they were for those who wielded them. They represent distilled individualism. A man, his sword, his own destiny. Modernly the same can be said of a gun. I believe that this, more than anything else, is at the root of the American love affair with guns. Not the destruction, nor really even the protection, but rather the individual control of destiny they offer.

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