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Study: Why Atheists Appear so Angry and Intolerant

A perfect example of how atheists view religious people.
A perfect example of how atheists view religious people.

Faith and reason are not mutually exclusive traits.

My personal opinion is that atheists’ frustration stems from their impotence in the face of what they see as an unreasoned belief. To them religion is utterly illogical and those who practice it utterly stupid.

A belief in a higher power, in an afterlife, or in forces beyond ourselves that influence us is as old as mankind. Joseph Campbell wrote:

The comparative study of the mythologies of the world compels us to view the cultural history of mankind as a unit; for we find that such themes as the fire-theft, deluge, land of the dead, virgin birth, and resurrected hero have a worldwide distribution-appearing everywhere in new combinations while remaining…always the same (The Masks of God 1987, p.3).

We see common themes running through disparet cultures across continets and across time. This leads us to wonder, is there really something there? If not then is such belief is a form of human instict? In either case it’s not unreasoned then to beieve. Then also there are concepts of God that are perfectly in keeping with reason. True science and true religion need not conflict. It is more likely the atheist has issues with historical aspect of religions rather than God. However, the atheist, being an atheist, is not likely to spend the time examining the subject to such a degree as to obtain a deep enough historical understanding to erase his or her feelings of frustration on the subject.

I feel very much that atheism isn’t so much about not believe as it is trying to convince others not to believe. Religion plays an important personal, social, and cultural role in ALL societies of the world throughout history. That alone should tell the atheist something about the value of religion. Something that has that much value is not irrational nor worthy of being dismissed out of hand.

When logic and rationality are taken to the extreme, even those who rely on objective evidence can form moral ideologies, sorting others’ beliefs among virtues and vices, a new study has found.

Source: Why atheists appear so angry: Study finds their ‘argumentative style frequently comes off as intolerant’ | Daily Mail Online

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