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Study Shows that Females Like Strong Males for Mates

Okay, so the study talked about in the article linked at the bottom was done on mice. Not exactly a human corollary there, but enough to bring a thought or two to mind about men and women.

The dirty little secret is that women like strong men.

For my entire life I’ve lived in a PC world of feminism. I’ve watched how attitudes between men and women have changed over the years and I’m starting to see them change back again. I think all along women and men were fine with many of the old attitudes but didn’t want to admit it out loud for fear of social reprisal.

Though it’s likely those reading this don’t find much of a surprise in this, make no mistake there are a lot of people out there who have been taught otherwise. They’ve been taught that the woman should be strong and the man gentle and meek. Think of how many television commercials you’ve seen that show the man as bumbling and the woman as smart and together.

The reasons for this may vary but I suspect it the comedy focused on the man because advertisers were afraid of the backlash if they focused on the woman. It’s okay to insult men, but not women.

A man’s role is to protect. That can be cultural but even if a culture changes, that’s biological. Men are hardwired for it.

But feminism meant that women had to be equal with men.

You’ve heard it over and again, women can do anything a man can do. It has even gotten to the point where devices have been made to allow women to stand while urinating. While I understand that there might be some practicality in that, it’s really taking feminism to the extreme by giving women a “penis”. Because in the end feminism taught that the only way to be equal with men was to become men.

Being told that opening doors was sexist meant that men stopped opening doors. Being told that women were in all ways equal meant that men treated women that way. Men like to offer help to those who need it but feel it’s an insult to offer it to those who don’t. When men of equal skill gather it’s to get the job done or to socialize as friends. Changing the starter on a car, I don’t really need you there, but hey, hand me that socket. But, I need to lift something heavy, I need your actual help, come on over, steaks afterward.

Urination device

The kind of equality the left looks for is impossible to achieve.

We cannot and should not all be the same in attributes. Rather, equality should be equality of rights and justice which is how feminism began. I respect greatly the suffragettes who worked for voting rights for women but I do not respect women like Gloria Steinem who famously said, “A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle.”

Some of us are becoming the men we wanted to marry

Feminism became angry and became, not about being equal, but about being powerful. Taylor Swift got a bit of heat for pointing this out. She said, “So many girls out there say, ‘I’m not a feminist’ because they think it means something angry or disgruntled or complaining.” which is exactly what it has come to be.

Think for a moment back in time to the pioneer women who headed west with their husbands and children to make a new life. They didn’t have to put their husbands down or make them feel small in order to feel strong themselves. They knew they were strong, and he knew they were strong, because they were both knee deep in snow with their shoulder to wheel engaged in a common purpose tied together in the bonds of love, marriage, and family.

Strength and femininity are not mutually exclusive, and to be a gentleman one must first be a man.

That’s a sentiment I stole from John Wayne but perhaps another well known Rough Rider, Theodore Roosevelt said most succinctly:

“Over-sentimentality, over-softness, in fact washiness and mushiness are the great dangers of this age and of this people. Unless we keep the barbarian virtues, gaining the civilized ones will be of little avail.”

You see, there’s wisdom in that. Newton’s Third Law is that forces always come in pairs. All things have their opposite. Being a gentleman comes only when a man harnesses his barbarian self. But for it to mean anything he must have, somewhere, that barbarian within him.

This isn’t new of course, in fact it’s very old and long forgotten in the milieu of feminism but like all urges once put to bed it slowly awakens. Suppress that at your own peril.

A study in rats by Binghamton University found females had an almost innate sense of male’s emotional history.

Source: Females ‘can sense if man caves under pressure’ and this makes them less attractive | Daily Mail Online

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