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Sex Education, Children, & the Mind

“According to the parents, as a part of a science class – that includes a section on sex education – a teacher allegedly graphically discussed oral sex.” When students said they didn’t know what that was the teacher told them to look it up on Google. But, he warned, don’t use a school computer, because they will track that. One kid took the teacher up on that offer and found the information on her phone. Though some kids at 13 know fully what oral sex is, not all do and this particular youngster didn’t. She wasn’t ready for the information. Her mother said, “I protect her, and then she’s at school where she’s supposed to be protected, and there’s a grown male telling a 13-year-old girl to look it up, and once you see those images you can’t erase those images.” And that much is true. You can’t un-see pornography. Regardless of one’s view on sex, or pornography, that much is agreed upon.


Sex, for kids, is like when a newly hatched duck imprints on the first thing it sees as mother when coming out of the shell. The brain fixes in a certain way as they grow if they continue to look at the images. Enough of them during brain maturation and the result is that they were, in essence, raised to have certain sexual impulses. Waiting for sex isn’t just something preachers tell you to do, it actually has a useful biological function as well in that waiting gives you better control. This teacher didn’t necessarily ruin that with one viewing but could very well set the child on the path to it.

My personal opinion is that regardless, parents should be the ones to educate their children on sex.

It seems we also have more cases than ever before of teachers having sex with students. I wonder if there is a relationship between sex education and that phenomena. I doubt there is a way to determine if that is true other than on an anecdotal level. Yet it seems that such classes create a sexually charged atmosphere in the classroom. I don’t think a parent would be happy if they learned that a child’s aunt had taught them about oral sex, even if it were academic in nature, and told them to look it up on their phone. I think a parent finding themselves in that situation would be rightfully livid. Why is this different when it’s a teacher? Why aren’t we suspicious of the teachers motivations for going into detail?

And now inclusive sex education isn’t just to prevent pregnancy or disease it’s to educate on the types of sex. Positions, lesbian, gay, anal, oral. When all that really needs to be taught is wear a condom. That prevents pregnancy and disease. That was the message long ago before the gender wars, before the gay times. And parents bought the excuse: we’re teaching your children about sex and condoms to keep them safe. Then that became, we must provide them with free condoms to keep them safe. Then, we can help your child get birth control without telling you, to keep them safe. Then, we can help your child get an abortion without telling you, because you might get mad that them and that would make them feel unsafe at home. Aren’t we wonderful!? Thanks, said parents. We want our kids to be safe. Now, it’s the same excuse as the last: we must teach your child about gay sex because you might not like it and might get mad at them at home.

Schools now parent your children even if you don’t like how they are going about it.

Sex is a really odd thing. It’s natural and feels good, but we protect our kids from it. We do this because, as adults, we know it also comes with consequences and responsibilities that children aren’t mentally or emotionally ready for. But then they go to school and the teacher gives them a course on oral sex and we realize they may not be so safe after all.

What’s a parent to do?


Source: Parents Upset Over ‘Graphic’ Sex Ed Lesson In Science Class « CBS Pittsburgh

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