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Scientists Write Trump Requesting Respect

rəˈspekt/ noun
 a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements.

There have been few headlines that made me chuckle as much as this one. Oh, you poor hand wringing scientists. So worried that your authority won’t be respected. It’s as if they never got out of high school and are still seeking the validation they never got from the jocks.

This is, no doubt, whey they put so much stock in their precious “consensus” of scientists. It’s as if they are unsure of themselves and their data so they must band together to find a strength that they don’t possess on their own. Facts are facts and don’t need a consensus.

In a way, their worry has shown their hand. It’s not science they are interested in so much as it is respect and power. So called climate change is just the tonic they needed to sooth their insecurities.

CartmanMore than 2,300 Americans scientists, including 22 Nobel Prize winners, issued an open letter to the president-elect and to Congress Wednesday.

Source: Worried Scientists Urge Trump to Respect Their Work – NBC News

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