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School shootings aren’t about law but rather about society

This editorial from CNN Español makes several very good points. First it asks the question, is there a law that can prevent school shootings? Would a law banning AR-15’s or so-called assault weapons prevent them? The author goes on to say that regardless of matters of law he does not think law alone can fix it. He believes that this is a problem of society, not of law. I wholeheartedly agree.

What part of society we can continue to debate. He focuses on how the last few generations have had a love of violence. Translated from Spanish he writes, “How is it possible that the film industry constantly vindicates violence in endless films whose main objective is to show how we kill each other? Literally.” It cannot be argued that he’s wrong. Watch TV for any amount of time and you will see murder. Pick certain shows and you will see slaughter.

He continues, “And we entertain ourselves with that, we have fun! And then, we were frightened by that Roman circus, by the cruelty with the slaves or the killings of Hitler, as a kind of therapeutic absolution of an unconfessed appetite for death.” This he says is the American hypocrisy. We cheer the violence, grumble when a movie isn’t rated R, marvel at how real the evil violence of a horror movie like Saw is, and then are shocked when this shows up in the real world perpetrated by those youth who massively consume the violence. We see no connection between the images pumped into our heads and the behavior of death.

And it isn’t just movies either, “And video games, which entertain children from six years with a powerful assault rifle on the screen, learn to enjoy when they put the shot in the chest of another human.” He’s right, except on one thing, it’s the head shot they are trained to enjoy.

He concludes by saying, “In the end, it is a debate about freedom. On commercial, individual and social freedoms.” And he’s right. There is with freedom the double-edged sword. There is opposition in all things. We can choose the good or the evil. Children, and parents, need to choose the games and movies that are age appropriate and appropriate with the morality they want to espouse.

I don’t personally think that these media alone “cause” a person to become a murderer. However, I think they contribute to the training needed to become a murderer and act as the lever mechanism that tips a person on the edge of sanity, over that edge.

This is not a gun control issue, it’s an issue of morals, sanity, and behaviors.

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Source: New massacre shot in the United States … and life is still the same? | CNN

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