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Russia and the Hacking of the US Election

The whole so called Russian interference with the US election should never have been a story. The media decries fake news while ignoring the very fact that they are the fake news. It’s like they think people are not going to notice. They point behind you and yell “look, a distraction!” they are sure people will still think they are reliable and honest. In the past that might have been true. People genuinely trusted the media as an unbiased source of information.

Then the news faked an explosion on a pick up truck and people began to question. Dan Rather was the stalward anchor, one of the most trusted men in America. Then Dan Rather has a “lapse in judgement” and used fake documents that he should have known were fake. He made up news. People were then shaken. Most recently we find examples related to the Ohio State attacks. A man runs over students and the first reports are about gun violence even though the suspect didn’t use a gun.

Try your hand a discovering media bias as you read a story. Pick out each item that is leading, editorializing, or that betrays the reporters personal views. I find examples of this every day.

The below story is an example of how the media ran with a story without checking the source material. The New Yorker reports that the methodology used to support Russian interference was poorly constructed. Anyone who has studied the scientific method and how to properly conduct a study will realize that methodology is everything when it comes to a reliable outcome.

A report from a group called PropOrNot has accused hundreds of Web sites of spreading Russian propaganda. But its methodology is a mess.

Source: The Propaganda About Russian Propaganda – The New Yorker

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