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Rose McGowan says what we all want to say

Rose McGowan has been showing up ALL over my news feed. At first I ignored it because, well, I don’t know who she is. I didn’t know why people cared what she said. Finally it showed up enough times that I Googled it, found she was an actress, then IMDB’d it to find out she was in some popular shows that I never watched. She also looks quite different. Once I saw older photos of her with long hair I did recognize at least that she was an actress. She has a new book out and it seems some folks don’t like her because she’s tired of some of the social justice warrior antics we’ve been experiencing as a country.

In this case a transgender protester stood up and protested during a book reading. That whole trans thing still can get confusing. A transgender man is really a woman, so is a transgender protester really a fan? Anyway…in a curse she said, “I’m mad at the f’ing lies, I’m mad at the stereotypes. I am mad that you put shit on me! Cause I have a f’ing vagina! And I’m white, or I’m black or I’m yellow or I’m f’ing purple. F-off! All of us want to say it, I just do.”

And in a way she’s right. When it comes to these people who point the finger at others and try to say, because they fit into a mold, that they must and do behave as that mold, well, we are sick of hearing that. Not all black people are the same.

Think about that for a moment. If a person says that all blacks like watermelon they are branded a racist. But if someone says that all blacks need help getting into college they are a hero. The left just disguises its racism in the mantel of doing whats best for other people. No wonder she exploded at this person, it’s about time someone did. It’s a sick perversion and hypocrisy that is unearned. I mean this, if you hate Trump, stop your name calling and finger-pointing because the anger it produces will translate into votes for Trump.

In a tweet, she said she had given ‘enough’ to the cause and demanded an apology from Barnes & Noble.

Source: Rose McGowan’s on-stage meltdown at Barnes & Noble | Daily Mail Online

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