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Robot Goes Rogue?

cylonsWe hear a lot about media bias. This simple story about a robot named Fabo is a good example of how such bias can be subtle. But subtle is often very effective. In this case it’s the language used in the headline “Robot Goes Rogue” and in the body of the article, “The aggressor was Fabo”.

But someone (like me) who actually takes the time to read the article (because I love robots) will find just what we expected to find, “A human error was responsible for the mishap: The person operating Fabo hit the “forward” button instead of “reverse…”

So…no robot take over of the world, no cylon attack.  No end of mankind, just a high end remote control toy controlled poorly by the driver and another example of why we can’t trust the media.

Organizers say human error, not Fabo the robot, to blame.

Source: Robot Goes Rogue at Shenzhen Fair, Injures Bystander | Sixth Tone

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