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Researchers Say to Prepare for Global Cooling Because of Global Warming

I quite enjoyed the movie, The Day After Tomorrow in which global warming causes the North Atlantic Ocean currents to stop circulating. In grand Hollywood fashion this causes a stunning array of disasters which ends in a nearly instant ice age. The article that inspired this writing uses the headline that this movie could become reality!

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For me this seems to highlight two things.

  1. The earth takes care of itself. If it’s too hot the system cools it.
  2. An ice age is a hell of a lot more frightening than global warming.

I’ve said for years (literally) that throughout history warming periods have been beneficial for mankind. The Medieval warming period lead to many innovations in agriculture that many believe made possible the prosperity that ushered in the Renaissance. The earth has had several ice ages and several warming periods. In fact, each year there are more cold related deaths than there are heat related deaths (WHO, 2013).

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I think this truth is starting to sink in a bit with people. Global warming, not so bad after all. That fact (backed by history) along with the psychological fact that people can only maintain a state of fear for so long before they become accustomed to it.

Follow the money

The power of global warming is in the fear. It’s the fear that politicians and con artists use to get money and power. And there has been a lot of money made from global warming. Al Gore, for example, has increased his net worth by over $200 million dollars. Recently Leonardo Dicaprio said that stopping climate change is the “biggest economic opportunity” in the history of the country. Though I don’t think it was his intention to spill the beans it was, nevertheless, refreshing to hear someone connected with global warming admit it. There is just all sorts of money to be made from grants to scientists, money to Elon Musk, money to the labor unions working in solar factories. Global warming has been a hand over fist money fest.

To keep the money flowing requires power and the acquisition of power has the natural and unavoidable consequence of robbing someone else of liberty.

not settled

Global warming became climate change and climate change is now global cooling. It’s whatever it has to be in order to generate the desired result. Does the climate change? Of course it does and always has. It’s a foolish notion to think it doesn’t. But therein lies the greatest flaw put forward by the Church of Climatology, they want to freeze (pun’s are always intended around here) the climate in one static state. No ecosystem can be allowed to change no climate either. The paradisaical earth must remain uncorrupted in the state of climate that it is currently in.

The Day After Tomorrow is a fun movie to watch and quite an adventure and it provides a great visual aid for the next documentary on global cooling and the impending ice age that will destroy us all.

Researchers from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California San Diego have shown that models may be underestimating the possibility of currents collapsing.

Source: ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ could become a reality claim researchers | Daily Mail Online

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