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Pewdiepie Is Teaching His Audience that Women Are Asking For It

The headline says that Pewdiepie is teaching his audience that “women are asking for it”. Asking for what? To be ogled by men. In case you don’t know the story Pewdiepie is the screen name for a vlogger named Felix Kjellberg. He is one of the most subscribed to personalities on YouTube with 63 million subscribers. In one of his recent videos he videoed himself using eye tracking software which quickly revealed he like to look at women. Most especially their breasts and butts.

I won’t explain the whole thing, that’s been hashed out all over. Basically he was called on this and some comments he made that weren’t at all flattering to women. He said, “You’re just playing games with the shortest skirt ever, that’s our fault for looking at it in any sexual way, right?…Showing your underwear on screen? That’s our fault, right?”

And that’s where I think it is interesting. I personally feel that men should show respect to women and do our best to treat them kindly and as gentlemen should. I don’t get with my buddies and talk about lady platypus and laugh and get boisterous about their body parts. I think that is juvenile behavior. It’s untoward.

However, I don’t think that women should be at all surprised when a man responds to their body. I’m not saying wear a burka. I’m just saying if you show it all on the street – you’re asking for it. You might not think you are. You might hope that men can control themselves enough to not ogle you. But I doubt women are naive enough to think when they dress sexy that men aren’t going to think about the root word.

I think he’s wrong to behave so and I think women are wrong to expect him not to when they provide the fodder they know attracts juvenile men. Wear it if you want to be sure. Again, I’m not advocating for burkas or sackcloth. I’m just saying be realistic.

A feud between Felix “Pewdiepie” Kjellberg and a streamer who goes by “Alinity” encapsulates the way many gamers and Twitch streamers feel about women online.

Source: Pewdiepie Is Teaching His Audience that Women Are Asking For It

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