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Parents give son pot to stop seizures, it works, they are arrested

I’ve mentioned before that I don’t believe claims that Marijuana “cures” anything but that I am sure it has use as a medicine. Just about any plant that is psychoactive (which cannabis is) has such benefits. There is A LOT of false information about this and MANY bad studies were done in an effort to justify legalization. As happens many of those studies get repeated still even though they have been shown to be poorly researched.

Sometimes though, anecdotal evidence is better than a study. I feel this case is one such case. A 15-year-old boy suffered from seizures. He had several a day on most days. His parents were at the end of their tether and wanted their son to live a normal life. So, they decided to share some of their pot with him. They prepared it for him and told him it was up to him to try or not. It was not to be recreational use. He decided he would and for 71 days he had no seizures. They shared their success openly with his therapist and shortly (within hours) the authorities showed up, tested him for pot, found it in his system of course and they were ordered to stop. They complied. You see, they weren’t trying to hide it from the therapist they were pleased with the results, and they weren’t trying to run afoul of the law, they stopped when ordered to.

The seizures returned with a vengeance. It was so bad that the 15-year-old ended up in the hospital for a week. He was then taken from his parents and placed in a group home where he’s been for a month. The parents were arrested and spent 6 days in jail. They are working on raising funds through donations to hire an attorney to help them out.

I feel that such a case, regardless of how one feels about marijuana, demonstrates there is use for the plant (like many other plants) and the current law doesn’t serve the public well. I still don’t (and never will) advocate for recreational use of the drug. Of course I also don’t drink or smoke either (despite my brandy and a cigar tag line). That’s a personal choice of mine and I don’t advocate for any law that would force others to that choice. You do you. But, my feelings on recreational use are not the same as my feelings for use in helping with legitimate medical issues that can face the scrutiny of real medical research. It’s time, at the very least, that our government focus on approving this for use under controlled circumstances. I would rather they let people just decide for themselves, but I don’t see that happening soon, so I would at least like to the FDA approve use. Perhaps under the new Right to Try law just passed by Congress and signed by Trump this might become easier for people.

Suzeanna and Matthew Brill of Macon, Georgia, began giving their son David weed in February and noted that his seizures stopped for 71 days. But on April 19, DFCS came and told them to stop.

Source: Georgia seizes 15-year-old boy from parents who used cannabis to stop his seizures for 71 days | Daily Mail Online

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