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Fuel Prices Determine the American Economy

I have a theory that the mortgage crisis was triggered by high gas prices. Congressional mandates to give loans set it up and high gas prices knocked it down. Fuel prices are tied into everything we do in America. Many people who shouldn’t really have been given loans for homes got them anyway because the lenders were under pressure from the federal government to do so. Let’s face it, banks aren’t in the habit of giving risky subprime loans they aren’t likely to produce any ROI let alone a high one. Back in 2008 Yaron Brook wrote in Forbes,

“There has been no free market in housing or finance. Government has long exerFuel Prices Determine the American Economycised massive control over the housing and financial markets–including its creation of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (which have now amassed $5 trillion in liabilities)–leading to many of the problems being blamed on the free market today.” (Forbes, 2008)

Millions of people, trillions of dollars in loans, and a precarious ability by home owners to make their mortgage payment. A lot of Americans live month to month. They get by through coupon clipping, avoiding entertainment spending, driving used cars with liability insurance, or whatever else they have to do. They work their collective butts off to make ends meet. Maybe they don’t have anything left at the end of the month but they know that at least they have another month.

Liberals are so desperate that they will even lie about the pipeline at Standing Rock, a place where there is already a pipeline!

Oil Tanks

Enter High Gas Prices

Gasoline isn’t something American’s can do without. You have to get to work, get the kids to school, get to the grocery store, go visit grandma, go to church and you can’t do that on an empty tank.

Why did prices on fuel go up?

  • https://youtu.be/VquNu30hDe8
  • https://youtu.be/eRuXrbjlrRg
  • https://youtu.be/k4yFsaxw6L8
  • https://youtu.be/EH0CzERzEZg

In case you don’t want to take the time to watch those I’ll tell you, Obama came into office saying he wanted higher energy prices, he got them.

Why on earth would Obama want that?

Because, as he explained, it would force the public to take Climate Change (then called Global Warming) seriously and force them to take public transportation. He thought, raise the prices and the masses will have no choice but to succumb. He was wrong. They had a choice and not a pretty one. That choice was to not pay the mortgage. They had to have gas, no matter where they lived, but they could always live in an apartment or with parents. Though the American dream of home ownership was and is still alive Americans are pragmatic and strong. They would give that dream up, even if only temporarily, so they could feed their family and get to work. They had already cut their budget everywhere else they could think of. They simply couldn’t cut out gas or they would be stranded. So they cut out the only thing left to them. Many may argue with this theory of mine but having lived through the days of skyrocketing gas prices I feel confident that others were hurt by it just as much as I was and some hurt so much by it they lost their homes.

Why Public Transportation?

Public transportation doesn’t work. Not in the way the American people need it to. This isn’t a product of not enough public transportation. Our infrastructure could be massive with trains, buses and free bikes to share, whatever method you can imagine, and it still wouldn’t work. That’s because the thinking of public transportation isn’t just linear it’s segmented. It’s point A to B with points A.1, A.2 and so on all in between. It runs, not when you need it to run, but when it runs. The schedule is set by the powers that be, the routes are set by the powers that be.

Your car is your freedom. 

Enter the tiny little town in Oklahoma and plenty of other towns like it. Enter pipelines too and refineries. Anything that increases the supply of oil reduces the cost. You’ve heard it time and again, that principle known as “supply and demand”. Due to the energy policy of the United States the supply hasn’t been there, demand can’t go away as explained above so prices soar. But due to advances in technology we’ve been able to get more and more oil out of the ground. So much so that OPEC hasn’t been able to keep up with America who now has more oil than all the OPEC countries combined! Gas prices have halved and the economy now shows signs of a real recovery. A recovery that you and I will actually feel. Obama, of course, is taking credit for low gas prices. But we all know he had nothing to do with it whatsoever.

When you go to sleep at night thank God for that tiny little town in Oklahoma and all the other towns just like it that pull out of the ground that magic black substance that makes our country run. Oil isn’t an enemy, it’s a friend, a 100% organic friend created by the earth itself from the very building block of life itself, carbon. Try living just one month of your life without it and you will go cold, hungry, and naked since it’s used in heat, food production, and clothing manufacturing. You would have no television, no Internet, no cell phone, no car, no bus, and society would collapse.

For OPEC, there are few enemies more fearsome than the tiny Oklahoma town of Cushing.

Source: OPEC Threatened by Tiny Oklahoma Town With Soaring Supplies – Bloomberg

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