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One Korea – Credit Goes to Trump

I’ve read a lot of discussion about the talks between North and South Korea. So many people don’t want to give any credit to president Trump. I have two thoughts on that. First is that the reason they don’t is because they don’t like him. Not because he didn’t do anything good but because they can’t admit that he did. There are some people who won’t ever give him credit. He could cure cancer and they would still hate him and give credit to anyone else they could possibly think of.
The second thing that comes to mind in all that I’ve been reading about this is that, just like the Korean minister says, credit does go to Trump. Like I said before, I really can’t tell if Trump did this on purpose or not. There are those who say Trump is fully aware, totally smart, playing some long game that we all will come to understand once it unfolds. I don’t know if that’s true. Part of me thinks it isn’t. He seems so nuts, absurd, and inarticulate. But he has had a great deal of success in his life. He’s made and lost fortunes then made them again. I am starting to wonder what would happen if the media and the Democrats actual let Trump govern. They won’t because if he does and he succeeds then they are in a world of hurt. It’s an example of putting politics before the nation.
Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize for doing – nothing. Literally, nothing.
Trump’s efforts are helping to end a 68-year-old war. To unify a country. To bring peace the region. This was the country so unstable that people in Hawaii stuffed their kids into the sewer because they thought Un was going to send some nukes their way. Now they can rinse off their kids and walk the streets with confidence – thanks to Trump.
The credit goes to Trump
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