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Obama & Women: A Birth Control Love Story

“Thanks, Obama, for 4 Years of Glorious, Worry-Free Sex”

That is the real headline from the below linked article. It contains a few gems – which I’d like to think is satire but a careful reading of the article tells me they are quite serious.

“A fond farewell to the golden age of not getting anyone pregnant by accident.”

That golden age was ushered in through Obamacare giving free birth control to insured women. Women, you see, aren’t able to manage their own reproduction. Someone has to do that for them. Since they are so irresponsible it’s a must that tax payers foot the bill.

“The Obama administration committed to reassuring women that kids were only in their futures when and if they wanted them—and in the process, ushered in a golden era of low-risk sex for fun.”

Women, of course are all about sex, low responsibility, and putting off children. Women notoriously don’t want children. They have also shown they can’t get jobs and pay for their own birth control. Well, maybe that’s because they only make 3/4 of what men make for the same work.

Obama care womb care

Obama was a black knight who rode into Washington, gathered up the tax dollars from the rich white oppressors and shelled it out to the poor and helpless women who needed him to rescue them from their own inability to govern their own lives. What a man! Just manly enough to take charge, just feminine enough to wear mom jeans and be nonthreatening.

“And now, our—your—four years of freaky freedom are coming to an end. No-copay contraceptives were one of the first casualties of Republicans’ swift dismemberment of Obamacare last week. And if state-level measures like New York’s proposed mandate fail, some 55 million American women may have to start paying as much as $50 a month for birth control pills again…”

Oh the humanity! $50 a month. That’s too much to pay for peace of mind, too much to pay for control over your uterus. Not too much for a new purse or pair of shoes, but way too much for birth control. Cell phones, Netflix, Hulu, spring break with the gals, we’ve got that, but not our birth control. No!

Reproductive rights, after all, aren’t really about reproduction, they’re about sex and we can’t have sex if our biology gets in the way.

“Obama gave us a vision for an America where sex for the pure joy of it was a human right…”

Life, liberty, freedom of religion, freedom of the press, the right to free and unfettered sexual intercourse with multiple partners and free contraceptives! Of course that’s what the Founders had in mind, that’s what they bled for, what they risked everything for.

Obama was the promise of America fulfilled for the empty womb of every woman! How he will be missed!

A fond farewell to the golden age of not getting anyone pregnant by accident.

Source: Thanks, Obama, for 4 Years of Glorious, Worry-Free Sex | GQ

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