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No, The Communist Soviet Union Wasn’t Anti-Fascist

It’s odd to me that we need to have a discussion on how Communism, Fascism, Socialism, and Nazism are the same. Though there are differences between them they are as related as a schnauzer is to a shepherd. They may be different dogs, but they are dogs. They are all collectivist and totalitarian. You can spend time arguing the subtle things that make them unique from each other but in the end they will bite you.

  • National Socialist German Workers Party (Nazi) = makes men slaves to state and race.
  • National Fascist Party = makes men slaves to the state.
  • Communism = makes men slaves to their neighbor
  • Socialism = makes men slaves to their neighbor and the state

All of these take away freedom. That much cannot be denied. They all just seek to excuse that imposition using various slogans and sophistries. It’s for the race! It’s for the nation! It’s to help your neighbor! It’s to make you equal! People who are in favor of socialism don’t deny that some people will be less free they just explain that those people should be doing it how they say anyway, since their way is so just and right, so it’s just correcting some aberrant behavior on their part. Sure it’s force, but it’s the good kind. It forces men to serve the cause of other men.

Capitalism = you serve you however you want

That’s one of the main arguments against capitalism, that it’s selfish. Just like we cannot deny that socialism is oppressive, we cannot deny that capitalism is selfish. It’s a system designed around a person doing what’s best for them. But what gets lost is that within that men tend to do a lot of unselfish things when left to their own devices. Not all men of course. We will always have our Ebenezer Scrooges who have a lesson to learn from a ghost or two. But outside of that people are generally helping each other out. We see it every time there is a disaster. Companies donate supplies, churches step in with food and shelter, rescuers wade waist deep in water to save lives, and after those waters recede they gather to push the mud back into the creek. Also what is lost is the fact that selfishness is a morality judgement. What one man thinks is selfish, another may not. But even if everyone agrees that someone is being selfish that morality judgement doesn’t give you the right to pass a law that forces them to be unselfish. Legislating morality never works. Legislating protection of rights does. Guess what? We have a right to be selfish don’t we? It’s our property to do with as we please. That is why many say that property rights are the rights that matter the most.

The primary unit of society is the individual. We know that because the individual will exist without society but society cannot exist without the individual. You are the sum total of all humanity wrapped up in soul and a brain and if all the individuals withdrew society, and state would vanish. But if disaster struck tomorrow so that the machinations of state fell apart, a meteor strike say, the individual would still exist to go on.

Capitalism is nothing more than the natural state of the individual.

Some say it’s not a fair system. I suppose that depends on how one looks at it. It’s a system that works like a mine. If one man digs more dirt than the other he’s going to mine more ore. His efforts to produce more garner greater results. That’s fair. Work harder, get more. What if the second man digging isn’t as strong as the other? One man is six-foot two and full of muscles and the other is slight. Is it fair that one man should succeed because he was born stronger? No, I suppose that’s not fair. Yet, history has shown us that in a complex system such men will find their place. The mine collapses and the slight man can gain freedom through a gap in the rocks blocking the shaft. The larger man cannot, he’s too big to fit. Is that fair? You can play the game of fairness all day long. What really happens is that men find their skill, their job, their path based on what’s best for them and what fits their unique attributes of mind and body.

A system that allows them to do that is as fair as fair can get.

In all the systems of collectivism there is an element of taking. Taking not for the benefit of the man but for the neighbor, or the state, or the master race. Within such systems the man who thinks for himself, who decides for himself what he wants for his life, is punished. Give your money to your neighbor! No! Your race is superior! No! The state owns your business! No!

What do you do with the man who says no?

In collective systems you fine him, jail him, or kill him.

In capitalism, you negotiate with him or leave him alone. Anything beyond that isn’t capitalism anymore.


The actual historical relationship between fascism and communism is more complicated than appearing to be on opposite sides of the ideological spectrum.

Source: No, The Communist Soviet Union Wasn’t Anti-Fascist

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