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No Charges for Charlotte Officer is Justice Served

I am most certainly aware that police work in the United States needs some reform. Many departments are doing this on their own. The city of Phoenix Police Department has set the national standard with its de-escalation training which not only drew the attention of Attorney General Loretta Lynch but other departments across the country. Much of what police face is simply due to an over abundance of criminal laws.

All that said the majority of police shootings are justified. It is no surprise to me that the officer in the Scott case wasn’t charged. The suspect had a gun, the gun was loaded, and the suspect refused officers’ commands.

The media was quick and maybe even a little gleeful in reporting that he only had a book in his hand. He’d been reading and that meant he was an upstanding citizen. No book was found, but a gun was. Turns out he had purchased the gun, which was stolen, because he was having a family dispute and he wanted it for protection.

The city of Charlotte released a statement which said in part, “We recognize that for some members of our community, this news will be met with different reactions.” This is of course true but the evidence in the case is very clear and if the thing being sought is justice then it’s justice to follow the evidence. Groups like Black Lives Matter claim they want justice but really they only what vidication and total acceptance of their world view. Justice is blind and the outcome in this case is a just one.

A Charlotte police officer will not face charges in the shooting death of Keith Lamont Scott, the Mecklenburg County District Attorney’s office said after an SBI investigation. Death of Keith Scott sparked violent riots, peaceful demonstrations and large protests.

Source: Charlotte NC police officer will not face charges in shooting death of Keith Lamont Scott | The Charlotte Observer

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