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Nikocado Avocado: Vegans are Crazy and Plants are Cruel

I really can’t say if this video is sincere or for entertainment value only. However, based on the things he’s saying I tend to think he is sincere. If it is for the latter reason then I must say he succeeded terrifically as far as I’m concerned for I indeed am very entertained.

He speaks as if he’s had an awakening after a long wrestle with himself. He’s not alone. The Internet is replete with stories of reformed vegans. But it goes much deeper than that I think, in his case at least. That’s why I call it an awakening. He ticks of how nature works, how mother earth treats her own as it were and realizes that it’s dog eat dog, literally.

Then he says something that I think is deeply profound and for which I applaud him, “Being alive is a selfish thing.”

That’s a revelation. It’s a powerful revelation. We’ve been taught that selfishness is a horrible thing. One of the worst things a person can be. I enjoy reading the writings of Ayn Rand and one of the philosophies for which she got the absolute most heat was her idea that people should be selfish. One of the central ideas in her book, Atlas Shrugged comes in the form of a quote, literally inscribed in stone in the book, “I swear by my life and my love of it that I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine.” Rand was interviewed in 1959 by Mike Wallace and he just couldn’t wrap his head around that. She believed that man’s life was his value and his mind his means of survival and as such both must be held “sacred”. They pretty much get right into it in the below video of that interview.

If you are an adherent of Adam Smith you’ve heard of the “invisible hand” that operates in economics. But what people don’t understand is that there is an economy of man as well. You will immediately notice that the words “economy” and “ecology” and “ecosystem” share a common etymology. Adam Smith presented (though he didn’t think of it in these terms) an organic view of financial interactions. And why shouldn’t they be? They are, after all, the product of living beings. In man’s relationship with man we see this same process at work.

Being selfish, it seems, as if guided by an invisible hand, tends to help others. Let us clarify for a moment that there is a difference between being prideful and being selfish in the way that Rand meant it. Within the confines of her selfishness is still room to help others but she explains that this should be because you WANT to, not because you feel you will be punished if you don’t, or because you feel their needs obligate you to.

Let Reason Be Your Guide

Mr. Avocado, 24, hit on something profound and deep. Live a moderate life making choices that make sense, using logic and reason as your guide. To do otherwise leads to cognitive dissonance. That’s a term I use a lot, especially as it relates to the thinking of the leftists. It’s what we call it when people hold two beliefs that contradict each other. The human mind rejects this naturally. Any effort to resist this rejection of one of the ideas causes pain which, if not properly addressed can lead to mental illness. We must come to understand, as Mr. Avocado does, that there are some aspects of life that are. Meaning we must see certain truths as objective. They exist, they are what they are. Any attempt to fight against the objective reality leads to pain and suffering.

In the case of Mr. Nikocado Avocado he’s learned that living creatures need food and space to grow and they will do what they need to for this to happen successfully. The only way for something to survive is for something else to die or be destroyed. Even plants, as he points out, adhere to this principle. Human beings are omnivores. We eat plants and meat. You can try to be something you aren’t but the look on his face in the video is the result. Are there happy vegans? Sure there are. At least for now or they have integrated their mental illness in a more functional way, pulling a Jedi Mind Trick on themselves.

The Angry Religion of Veganism

Jeff Corwin, famed naturalist and TV commentator on nature shows, was a vegetarian. As time went by he changed his mind on that. It seemed the thing to do, being a naturalist and all, a nature lover and one who taught the love of nature to others. I came across a forum where he was being discussed. The title of the post was “Jeff Corwin is an Asshole”. Anyone who has a bit of knowledge about Corwin realizes that this isn’t likely true. By all accounts I’ve seen and read he’s a nice guy. So why call him that? Just because he changed his mind about eating meat. Decided that the human body, his human body, needed nutrients it wasn’t getting from the meatless diet he was on. He felt weak and ill and for someone active like him that wouldn’t do.

Like environmentalism, veganism has become a replacement religion for some and they act very much like many religious people do when you disagree with them. I’m not bashing religion in this. On the contrary I’m saying that having something like religion is built into the human psyche so that people will always gravitate toward that kind of thinking. The old saying goes, “If you don’t believe in something, you’ll fall for anything.” and I think veganism is a good example of someone falling for something because they didn’t have anything solid in their life to believe in. Of course they think veganism is that thing and when some very solid evidence is presented that it shouldn’t be that produces some anxiety and they lash out like they did against Corwin and as video after video is against Mr. Avocado (I just love calling him that).

Here is the exchange about Jeff Corwin.

Jeff corwin is an asshole
One of the lovely people even wishes that he would get food poisoning. And somehow they have gotten the impression they are better human beings than him? Yikes!

I found it especially telling what the bottom poster has in their signature line, “Be proud of who you are…” but of course that’s unless you eat meat!

Nikocado Avocado, 24, who is based in South America, is known for his popular mukbangs in which he cooks and eats vegan food in front of an audience of tens of thousands online.

Source: YouTube star Nikocado Avocado made famous for eating vegan food on camera breaks down | Daily Mail Online

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