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Milo, Shapiro, and Trump are Trolls that Play to the Mob Mentality

I’ve brought up Milo Yiannopoulos a few times. I reviewed his book. I can’t call myself a “fan” but then I don’t really say that about anyone. But what I do say is that I get Milo. Meaning I understand what he’s up to. That doesn’t mean I’m all that clever, it just means I listen. Milo, you see, is quite upfront about what he’s up to. If he’s taken at face value, he’s a troll. He’s even named his recent tour “Troll Academy” and he preaches the power of trolling. Milo is bright, clearly so, and thoughtful, clearly so. Milo is gay, and recently married his boyfriend who happens to be black. This is a fact that Milo constantly points out and that the media constantly ignores (this his constantly pointing it out I assume) because it doesn’t fit with their narrative of him as a white supremacist. Having read his book I do see why some people would make that mistake. They can’t believe that someone who talks about the virtues of western culture actually means western culture and not white people culture.

That said, those are the highlights, there are some low lights to Milo as well. I do not approve of his calling people ugly and fat. Real trolling has no limits and can be the scourge of any comments section, but trolling with a point, which is what Milo claims to practice, should have limits if it’s to be successful. You win no converts by calling someone fat. That isn’t an attack on their ideas. Yes, being overweight can be unhealthy. It isn’t always though. Some people have 20 extra pounds and science tells us they are just fine. But, even if that’s not the case, it’s a farce for Milo to say he fat-shames to help them realize they need help. If that’s his thinking it’s fortunate he isn’t a therapist.

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More and more though I am beginning to think we don’t need people like Milo to keep stirring the pot. I think it’s stirred up already and it’s ready to simmer. At this point in time I feel that Milo is just in it for himself, just in it to enjoy the fame and attention. My personal assessment is that he could switch gears now and be less the entertainer and more the lecturer. I’m not sure if that’s possible or not but I’ve seen him be serious and I’ve seen him make some clear and well conceived points.

I also feel this way about Ben Shapiro. He’s a very bright man. His logic is commensurate with his law degree, but he also is a jerk. I suppose we all have that in us but when a person is so in the public eye I feel they should show more self-control. That is also something I very much dislike in our President, Donald Trump. There are a million ways to win an argument but most of them take time and effort. Aggression is quicker, and that’s what we see from Trump. As long as the crowd eats it up, I fear we will continue to breed men who possess strong intellects but opt not to use them but to pander to the crowd. Why is it that no one ever seems to want to elevate the crowd but rather they always sink down to the mob?


Just the day before, the Daily Caller had published a column by Yiannopoulos on the topic of the sexual harassment allegations against actor Kevin Spacey.

Source: Daily Caller’s opinion editor fired over Milo Yiannopoulos column – Nov. 4, 2017

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