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Millennials Want to Fix the Holes in their Heads

Well, who ever could have predicted they would someday regret giant lobes and tattoos?

The article goes on to say:

Call it a strange sign of the times. Some doctors, like Sterman, say they are noticing more and more millennials coming in because their ears have become deformed from overpiercing and need reconstructive surgery.

And it’s not just ear piercing. Many are seeking to reverse the impulsive, perhaps keg-fueled decisions of their not-quite-lost youths. That tongue piercing, that bone through the nose, that conspicuously placed tattoo you got in college may not go over so big now in a job interview, or in the board room. It’s time to conform to the real world.

Sometimes your parents are just right. Listen to them and save yourself the effort. Liberty is wonderful and all that, I fully support their right to express themselves and whatever but that doesn’t mean employers will. When making the decision to join a counter-culture one must weigh just how apart from the main culture that sets them. If the divide is too great there is a heavy cost to be paid. In this way cultures balance themselves out requiring now law to force a change in behavior.

The real point of posting this was to explore the idea of how society itself regulates behaviors within a counter-culture which, I propose, makes laws to do that unneeded. Over the years both left and right have passed laws controlling people but I think that by in large a culture controls itself. This is one example. Many (clearly not all) people who engage in counter culture behavior change to conform later in life due to various societal pressures. Why pass a law when it naturally happens? If it doesn’t naturally happen then it’s what the culture wants so again no law is needed.

Plastic surgeons are being called on to remove tattoos and otherwise reverse the impulsive choices of millennial youth for life in the real world.

Source: Millennials now looking to fix overpiercing, remove tattoos

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