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Man Made Climate Change is Crap – Bird Crap That Is

There’s so much they don’t take into account with their future telling climate robots. That’s what I call the computers that predict the future of our climate. They can’t even take into account how bird poop will or will not alter the climate or weather of a certain area. It’s unwise to make massive policy changes and give up liberties for something that man isn’t causing. The climate always changes and it always will. This article is a prime example of one of the many things that doesn’t get factored in when creating their computer models. Computers have always been “garbage in, garbage out”.


Massive colonies of seabirds create an equally massive amount of waste, and Toronto scientists say it could be boosting the formation of low hanging clouds that reflect sunlight.

Source: Researchers say BIRD POOP is helping to keep the Arctic cool by altering cloud formation | Daily Mail Online

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