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Liberty is NOT Middle of the Road

I agree with the sentiment of the below commentary that there is a better way, a center way, between Trump and Hillary. That way has been ignored over and over again. The last presidential election gave us a clear understanding, in my opinion, that no one (meaning not nearly enough) wanted that better way. There were a few candidates out of the over 30 that ran on both sides that were far more middle of the road than Hillary, Bernie, or Trump (you pick who you think that is). No one wanted any of them.

Middle Ground

None of them had any ability to stand out. Perhaps it is human nature that the man who is middle of the road stays there. Perhaps such a person can’t become enough not middle of the road to rise to the top of the pack and get the kind of attention required to make a difference. Hillary was there because of the machine she had behind her and the coattails she has been riding are long, Bernie was there because he was preaching socialism which made him different from anyone who had ever run before, and Trump, well, he was a show and people love a show. He was also not anyone else who had ever held office and that made him quite appealing to many.

The real question though, when you hear someone talk about the center, is just whom are they speaking of?

For the author of the below article here’s a few names from his short list.

  • Mike Bloomberg
  • Joe Scarborough
  • John Kasich
  • Howard Schultz
  • Mark Zuckerberg
  • Oprah Winfrey
  • Joe Biden

Yes, there is a middle ground for sure, but do you all see that list as living in the middle ground? Is Bloomberg really a middle of the road guy? Oprah Winfrey? I don’t consider them middle of the road. Fact is, Hillary would most likely have been a more moderate individual than certainly Bernie would have been and Bloomberg. That’s a guess of course. With Hillary it was less her left leaning tendencies and more her leanings toward dishonesty.

What about Rand Paul the Great?

Yes, what about him?

I like Rand Paul a lot. He’s shown himself to be a man who stands for liberty and works hard to defend it even when it makes him very unpopular with his peers and with the president. It’s also gotten him an audience with the president which might not have happened otherwise. This coming election I think he’ll have a better chance than ever if he decides to run but based on his performance in the previous no one cared. He didn’t stand out in the debates, his points of view didn’t resonate with voters. He was middle of road and the cars, moving at high Hillary-speed and high Trump-speed just whizzed past him on either side leaving him in the middle of that road turning this way and that attempting to get a good look at the plate.

Trump is actually as close to a third-party candidate as we’ve ever gotten. He ran as a republican sure but his views aren’t entirely Republican. He’s spent a lot of his time as a Democrat too. Records show she’s gone back and forth between the two. This could mean he is uncertain, that he wants to belong to whichever party he thinks serves him at the time, or because he holds beliefs held by each party. Regardless, he’s not easily placed in one camp or the other which makes him a bit of something different.

But, I’m pretty sure Trump wasn’t what people had in mind when they thought about a 3rd party run.

No, they wanted something like the Libertarian party. Trump is different and in so many ways that’s a good thing but as we all know, in so many ways that’s a bad thing. There aren’t enough of the differences to make a difference.

I think when people consider a 3rd party they think of a party that will come in and sweep the country back to what it should be, to liberty. Of all things liberty is the foundation of America, the American that is free and allows people to do what they want as long as it doesn’t harm anyone else. Someone who understands that culture takes care of one thing and government another.

People often say they want someone centrist, or middle of the road. I think what they fail to understand is that there is nothing at all middle of the road about liberty. It’s an extreme idea. That’s why it took so long for it to arise in a nation. Chiefs and kinds were always the norm. Powerful men everyone listened to out of fear. American did away with that.

Still the ideas that rob men of liberty creep in over and over again.  If there’s a devil, he’s the one promoting that idea. The ideas of liberty are at constant war with the ideas of power and control. It’s a war. A 3rd party won’t win that war. Parties, even 3rd ones, are just more of the same.

Liberty worked, not just because enough people believed in it, but because enough people understood it. They learned it. Not only learned liberty, but they learned the opposite so they could recognize the subtle movements away from liberty.

Far more than a 3rd party – people need – understanding.

Though it seems like a bit of a pipe dream the truth is, if everyone understood the concepts of liberty and control and how they stand in opposition to one another, they would be able to identify those who attempt control and the methods they use to get at it. Though a 3rd party is tempting for obvious reasons a better direction to me is infiltration. Teach everyone liberty, help them to teach their children and their children’s children. Then they run for office. Yes, it’s a stretch, yes, it’s far-fetched. Infiltration into the existing parties by those who love liberty is the way to go.


The much-mocked dream of the centrist commentariat — a viable independent presidential candidate — looks more plausible for 2020

Source: Commentary: Between Trump and Dems, a center lane opens – CBS News

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