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Libertarians don’t want you in their club

ron paul does not belong in the libertarian party

I’ve been thinking more and more about the Libertarian Party and the direction I’ve seen it moving. I don’t personally feel that direction is very inclusive. I spend a lot of time of libertarian pages. I get accused of being a troll, of being a satire page, and sometimes just told to f-off. But I assure them, and all of you, my visits to those pages is done in all sincerity. Ron Paul, when I first heard about him, was someone I thought was a bit of a nut. But, I have this crazy habit of actually thinking about things and not just dismissing them. So I listened. I began to hear echoed in his words the things I read from the Founding Fathers. It was clear Ron Paul was talking about something traditional in terms of Americanism. I began to think perhaps I was a libertarian. So I started to seek them out on Facebook and elsewhere.

For various reasons I began to see that they and I didn’t quite line up. I was something else. I settled eventually on the moniker of “classical liberal” but I admit that doesn’t quite fit me either. I’m something in between but closer to the latter. I see more and more on the libertarian pages that what one felt like a movement that could include anyone willing to believe in rights I now see one that perpetually seeks to exclude people who don’t quite fit. What was once a home for misfits, is now the group pointing the finger at those who don’t belong.

I realize that is a blanket statement and doesn’t apply to everyone. But when I see the leaders of the Libertarian Party exclude Ron Paul because (in their words) he doesn’t know what the party stands for, well, I can’t help but wonder if they even know anymore what libertarianism is all about.

I consider it a philosophy of liberty. One of the definitions of philosophy is, “the study of the theoretical basis of a particular branch of knowledge or experience.” I want you to think about that for a moment as it relates to liberty. As a philosophy libertarianism changes from a political movement to the acute study of how to be free. For me, that’s an incredibly powerful thing to study and if we teach it to our children it has the power to change the entire world. If we just stop acting like chimps.

PS thanks Joe Adam Pittman for the inspiration for this meme and post.

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