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Leashes on Kids, Clothes on Dogs: A Meme

We often say we don’t have a gun problem, we have a society problem. Though we can break that down to many levels I think it all boils down to one area – what it is that’s important to us. For some the most important thing is their dog. For others it is their free time, their morning latte, their figure, their career. None of these things are – in and of themselves – bad. How we treat them can be. How we prioritize can be. People spend an inordinate amount of time and money on their pets for example. Pets are great. However, they have become accessories. I think there’s a mindset in that. We put children on leashes. I’ve heard all the reasons for this. I don’t find any of them compelling. I think there’s a mindset in that too. We treat kids like pets and pets like kids. If we are to fix society we have to look under the rock that hides why we put so much focus on the vapid and so little on the vital.

We put leashes on our children and we put clothes on our dogs and you think guns are the problem?

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