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Las Vegas Strip Shooter – As a Species We Need Answers

We are learning more about the murderer in Las Vegas but not much.

The Sheriff said in a press conference that he did not believe Paddock acted alone. Though he did not elaborate much other than to say his reasoning was based on the complexity of the crime. That much firepower, the perch, the knocking out of the window, etc. These were things that seemed Herculean and would require assistance to carry out.

Personally, I still “hope” that it was ISIS. My reason is psychological really. As I’ve said, I would rather it be the enemy we know. There is some reasonableness to that belief beyond hope though. We know (I’ve posted about it) that ISIS is in the Philippines. Duterte has been fighting ISIS-affiliated Abu Sayyaf in his country has taken top priority. He’s given his usual high-drama threats to them saying to the militants, “I will eat your liver if you want me to. Give me salt and vinegar and I will eat it in front of you.” What, no onions? That’s one tough cookie!

Paddock’s wife is from the Philippines which is where she was at the time of the shooting. Paddock wired $100,000 dollars to the Philippines just prior to the shooting. ISIS has taken responsibility for the shooting saying that Paddock was one of their “soldiers” naming him “Abu Abed al Bir Al-Amriki” with Al-Amirki refering to the fact he’s American.

Paddock, it seems, shot two jet fuel tanks. It is thought that he was trying to explode them. If they went off, the entire area would have been obliterated. It’s likely all 20,000 people at the Route 91 Harvest concert would have been killed and more as well.

I think most people, in situations like this, struggle to find motive. Why? becomes the most important question.

An event like this places chaos in our world and human beings don’t like that. We are orderly. When something is out-of-order we struggle psychologically to find where in our schema to place it. If it’s ISIS we can say, okay, we know this is happening. If he’s just crazy, we can feel more secure knowing it’s just a one-off. But not knowing, that hurts the mind. Because of this all sorts of conspiracy theories have started to crop up. I’ve read several articles decrying this trend, with one even bashing YouTube because those were the videos that showed up high in the feed when Vegas Shooting was searched for. I’m not going to bash that. It’s people just trying to make sense out of this. YouTube’s search algorithm is simply reflecting this need. There are always those who believe the theories, no matter how crazy they are, but there are others who hear them, recognize them for false and implausible, but still watch because even being able to check one possibility off the list comforts their mind. “Nope, it’s not that” and they can move on with their mind occupied seeking an answer.  Others will attach to an idea and be sure it is that. But without knowing for sure they don’t find the comfort. They become obsessed with the conspiracy over reality and experience cognitive dissonance. They want it to be the answer but in the back of their mind they know it’s now because it’s outlandish. However, acknowledging that puts them right back to chaos and wondering.

This is all expected in the wake of something like this. I admit that my own mind wants it to be ISIS because that’s much easier to process than it being Antifa, or it being based on Civil War II or left/right-wing politics.

Better The Devil You Know Than The Devil You Don’t.

It’s bad enough that we are dealing with the Devil but worse when he doesn’t show his face.


Diagram of Shooting Scene

Source: Las Vegas Strip shooter targeted aviation fuel tanks, source says – Las Vegas Review-Journal

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