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Jordan Peterson on Postmodernism

I’ve watched Jordan Peterson for a while now, since before his step into the limelight of gender controversy. He is the author of a great book, “Maps of Meaning” which I will post about some other time. One of the things he’s most vehement about is the destructive power of postmodernism. This was brought up by Derek James in the comments on Facebook. I thought this was a good opportunity to post a video from Peterson on this subject along with a few observations of my own.

You will find that he has some strong opinions. I recommend you take the time to ponder what he’s saying. Even if you immediately agree with his views try to match the thinking, the events, and comments with postmodernist philosophy.

When he talks about the destruction going on he says, “none of this is subtle…” and he’s right in a way. It’s only not subtle to those who are aware. For those who are not, it is incredibly slick and happening right under their noses. I realize that the book I shared is an academic text and not of wide appeal. I hope some of you will read it or listen to it. However, if that’s not to your tastes then I hope you will find other resources like this video to explain postmodernism.

I call it a null-philosophy. That term is an encapsulation of what’s required to believe in it. It teaches that nothing can be known. That means, logically, that even postmodernism can’t be known. It cancels itself out, thus being null. It provides nothing to the adherent. It is, by nature, destructive. It can be nothing else but. It requires cognitive dissonance to even acknowledge its tenants. This is one of the most painful and harmful states of mind any human being can face. It is believing two contradictory ideas at once and trying to believe both are true. I saying trying to believe because, of course, it can’t actually work that way. Objective reality exists. Somethings are true, some are not. This is what we call “reality” and no matter how hard a person tries they cannot escape reality. When they try it breaks their mind and they end up with a mental illness or psychological dysfunction.

In this video Peterson connects some of the dots and to poke holes in the flaws in postmodernist thinking.

Even leftists like Noam Chomsky see the danger. Chomsky explains that it is about power. If you stop to think about it all the differing parts of it admit they are about power. No one is hiding the fact that it is, in fact, all about power.

Feminism is obtaining power for women. Black lives matter is for obtaining power for African-Americans. Socialism claims to be for obtaining power for the poor. Healthcare is obtaining power for the sick. People allow this because they are convinced that it’s all for the good. That it’s not about power for power’s sake but for equalization of power. Notice though that this never happens by raising someone up but only by knocking someone down. There can be, in their philosophy, no power for the blacks without blaming the whites and taking their power away.

Ultimately, the concept destroys reality itself which, if you think about it, is the ultimate power.

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