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John Adams by David McCullough

Before you read this book I recommend you start with McCullough’s other book “1776”.

John Adams is one of the Founding Fathers of the United States of America. His role has often been underestimated. This book sets the record right for the conscientious reader.

David McCullough was given unprecedented access to Adam’s personal papers. As it turns out he was the most prolific writer of any of the Fathers or Presidents. We have a treasure trove of his writings. Due to this, and McCullough’s hard work going through it all, we are given a view of Adams that puts us inside of his head.

Though we know that the eventual end of the book is his death when the moment comes it is deeply moving and the reader feels a sense of personal loss. While this is a history book it doesn’t feel like it due to the excellent writing and the incredible insight offered on events by Adams’ own words as well as the letters between he and his wife Abigail.

If you really want to know what the founding was like I recommend this book highly.

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Click to buy on Amazon

HBO produced an outstanding mini-series worthy of watching. Make no mistake though, you will not get the full force of this man’s life from the movie. You will not get inside his head or come to know him. Watch after you read, not the other way around. Trust me on this one.

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Click to watch on Amazon

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