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Joel Osteen fails to address scandal | Daily Mail Online

I am going to be upfront with you, I have a bias against televangelists. Though I am generally a fan of religion and spirituality I am not a fan what I call “cash for prayers”. I realize churches need money to operate and I’m not opposed to donations to keep them going. I’m not opposed to people paying a tithe as the scriptures discuss, or giving to the church so the church can help the poor. I’m not even against paying a bunch of cash for a beautiful building in which to worship. While it is your business where to put your cash and if you love these folks, that’s up to you. For me, I see the houses, cars, and jets and feel like it’s a misuse of the money. I think, my personal opinion of course, that people give the money to help others not to help the preacher.

If you haven’t heard about this Olsteen didn’t open his church to hurricane victims. When this was pointed out on social media he said it was because people couldn’t get to the church due to flooded streets. When people posted photos showing no such flooding they one of his representatives tweeted that it was because the church was damaged. When it was shown that only a small section was damaged and the main area wasn’t they then said it was because they didn’t have water and other things for people and that there were centers set up already that had these things. It kept going on like this until finally all the excuses were used up and he relented.

Religion can help people. It can provide them with hope, with answers, with direction. However, as we all know, it can also be abused. It can be used for power and control. I suspect that Olsteen and many like him are in it for the cash and the fame. I leave open that I could be wrong but I don’t like what I see.

Osteen refused to address the scandal that has surrounded him and Lakewood Church during the past week after he failed to immediately open the doors of the Houston megachurch.

Source: Joel Osteen fails to address scandal | Daily Mail Online

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