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Jeff Flake Gone = Draining the Swamp

Recently Senator Jeff Flake announced he was not going to run for re-election. He gave as his reason Trump. He just couldn’t work in a Washington with a man like that. Of course anyone who has been watching his political career knows, it’s really because he’s wasn’t going to win in Arizona anyway. His polling numbers are just breaking double digits.

Flake Down the Drain

From my perspective getting rid of Jeff Flake is just what Draining the Swamp looks like. Former Ted Cruz stratigest, Jason Johnson made the point nicely with a list he compiled of just a few of Flake’s votes.

  • Jeff Flake was 1 of 10 Republican senators who voted to confirm Loretta Lynch for Attorney General
  • Flake voted to fund President Obama’s unconstitutional executive amnesty.
  • Flake voted against Sen. Mike Lee’s 1st Amendment Defense Act
  • Flake voted for Obama’s $1.1 trillion Cromnibus 2015 spending bill
  • Flake voteed to reauthorize the Export-Import Bank
  • Flake voted for S.2114 which increased Russia’s power at the International Monetary Fund
  • Flake voted for a CLEAN debt limit suspension (2014)
  • Flake voted for the Ryan-Murray budget which lifted spending caps & raised fees (taxes) in exchange for promises of future spending cuts
  • Flake voted for the Gang of 8 amnesty bill
  • Flake voted for the post-Newtown gun grab
  • Flake voted AGAINST The Defund Obamacare Act of 2013 (S.1292)
  • Flake voted to increase debt by $900 billion in exchange for the promise of discretionary cuts in the future (2011)
  • Flake preferred John Kasich over Cruz or Trump in the 2016 GOP Primary.

It’s not hard to see that Flake was just the kind of establishmentarian that Trump promised to get rid of. Can we give Trump credit for getting rid of Flake? Really, of course it’s the people of Arizona that get the actual credit, they have made it clear he’s not getting back in. But I think, inasmuch as Flake himself has said it was because of Trump, we can give Trump at least some of the credit.

As a side note, I’m one of those people who believes strongly that we need to repeal the 17th amendment and get rid of direct election of senators. We need to go back to the states choosing them. It only makes sense. The people have their representatives in the House and the states theirs in the Senate. Right now the states have no one and no power. All this does, is create a more powerful federal government and a weaker state government which is flip-flopped from how our country was designed to function. As it is now senators go to Washington and think they represent the people or the nation as a whole. They don’t feel the need to represent their state. American is 50 countries banded together and those countries have no representation for their governments in the seat of power. The result (one of the results) is men like Flake and his counterpart McCain thinking it’s their job to rule the world via their seat in the senate.

I for one am glad he won’t be back and hope to see more and more establishment types running for the hills. The fewer of them we have, the better off we are. We just need to be sure that who we send in their place is actually worthy and won’t simply be a replacement part in a machine that isn’t functioning properly anyway.

His speech on the floor of the Senate has gained much media attention. Of course it has, he’s tossing out red meat to the dogs of media by bashing Trump. We know, however, the real reason for all this is to cover the fact he can’t get re-elected and to salvage what little is left of his political career.

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