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James Comey is a Blight on Law Enforcement and Justice

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I feel Comey should have been fired. In fact, he never should have been allowed to stay after the Hillary Clinton press conference in which he read off a list of her crimes. No matter how one feels about Clinton, this was an unheard of thing for a law enforcement agency to do.

Imagine if your local police chief went on television and read off that they found evidence that you had shoplifted, molested a child, assaulted your wife, and stolen from your place of business, but they weren’t going to press charges because they couldn’t quite make the elements of the crime fit the statute.

You would be livid and sue.

That’s what HE did to Hillary Clinton. Regardless of his motivation this act alone was sufficient to warrant his firing from the FBI. Had he been anyone but the Director he most certainly would have been.

Wedged somewhere in the rhetoric of this piece may be some truth.

Here’s an example of the extreme language used to make the points being attempted,


” You could see that the man who came to town to play Jack Ryan was lacking even the smidgen of self-awareness required to comprehend that he is in fact Uriah Heep, that he is much worse than the man who he declaratively claimed not to be, another former FBI director, one J. Edgar Hoover. At least Hoover never tried to manipulate an America coup.”

Uriah Heep

Uriah Heep is a stinging comparison to make for anyone. Charles Dickens wrote the malevolent albino in such a way as to paint the most clear picture of a smarmy political-type ever. Though the Heep of David Copperfield’s pages isn’t a politician he practices their ancient art of kissing up, secret combinations, and back stabbing to get ahead. Like the 6′ 8″ Comey, Heep was tall and lanky somehow making the comparison more real. “He was high-shouldered and bony; dressed in decent black, with a white wisp of a neckcloth; buttoned up to the throat; and had a long, lank, skeleton hand, which particularly attracted my attention …” (David Copperfield)

But perhaps the comparison is nowhere more apt when we compare the underlying motivation of Uriah Heep with that of Comey.

“When I was quite a young boy,” he tells David Copperfield, “I got to know what umbleness did, and I took to it. I ate umble pie with an appetite. I stopped at the umble point of my learning, and says I, ‘Hard hard!’ When you offered to teach me Latin, I knew better. ‘People like to be above you,’ says father, ‘keep yourself down.’ I am very umble to the present moment, Master Copperfield, but I’ve got a little power!” (David Copperfield)

Pretty strong stuff to be sure but Comey seems to be pretending to be a humble servant of the law. While saying publicly what a wonderful group of people work at the FBI he undermines them by shouting evidence from the rooftops then killing it off and by leaking his own secret memo when it suits him. He balks at Trump’s “hope” that Flynn, a man they both like, could avoid legal trouble but says nothing when Loretta Lynch directly asks him to moderate his tone when discussing Hillary’s crimes. Imagine a bendy and pliable man of plastic weaving his way in and out of a crowd to get to his destination and then perhaps you have James Comey. 

The article goes on to outline, not endless sins, but a top ten list.

  • Comey Covered Up Loretta Lynch’s Cover Up
  • Comey Participated In Loretta Lynch’s Cover Up
  • Comey Lied About Trump NOT Being Under Investigation
  • Comey Took Secret Notes About the President and Leaked Them to the Media
  • Comey Leaked Government Property to the Media
  • Comey’s Selective Note-Taking
  • The Media Leaks from the FBI Were Deliberately Meant to Damage Trump
  • Comey Hid All of Trump’s Supposed Sins from the Chain of Legal Command
  • Comey Knew The New York Times Published an Epic Lie About Trump and Said Nothing
  • Possible Perjury

Trump, most certainly isn’t going to let this alone. He’s already directed his attorney (not a US attorney but a private attorney) to look into what action can be taken against Comey.

For me the greatest revelation to come out of the hearings thus far is that Comey himself was a leaker. The article makes this point, “They were not his to give away to anyone. By his own testimony, those notes (which are now in the hands of a Comey confidante) were not a diary but rather notes taken by a government employee expressly for the purpose “memorializing” conversations with the president of the United States. This is a very serious offense on Comey’s part.” It is indeed.

Modern Demons

On the subject of these notes the article points out the obvious, “Comey claims he took contemporaneous notes about his conversations with Trump because he did not trust the president. And yet, even after Lynch ordered him to mislead the public about the Clinton e-mail investigation, he did not take notes?” This makes it sound like his note taking is very selective and purposeful. Rather than documenting “for the record” he documented with the intent to leak.

Trump famously mocked Senator Marco Rubio during the campaign, calling him “Little Marco” and being overall very nasty and unprofessional towards him. Yet, it was Senator Marco Rubio, of all people, who made the most clear point which stood in defense of Trump when he asked, “Do you ever wonder why, of all the things in this investigation, the only thing that’s never been leaked is the fact that the president was not personally under investigation, despite the fact that Democrats and Republicans and the leadership of Congress knew that and have known that for weeks?” Indeed, everyone knew Trump wasn’t being looked into but they can’t stand him or his agenda and so didn’t want to give him an inch.

Washington Unmasked

There’s an old saying, one as palpably false under most circumstances as the majority of other old sayings, that goes, “what you don’t know, won’t hurt you.” This is not true of the secrets that reside in Washington DC and the groups of men who combine to use those secrets to get ahead.

If James Comey is guilty of crimes and underhandedness then he is only one of many in Washington who practice personal advancement through subterfuge.

During the campaign the emails from the Democratic National Committee came forward and showed how that body intentionally worked to make sure Bernie Sanders did not get the nomination. While that is against their party’s rules, it’s not illegal, so we are likely not to hear much about it publicly from now on. Still, it should be remembered because it represents what these people do in secret that very much does hurt us. That revelation, and the revelation that Comey was a leaker, are just the tip of the iceberg. Underneath the capitol dome, which is the visible loci of government, resides the rest of that iceberg, dark, malevolent, secretive, and harmful.

Dickens said this of Uriah Heep, “…eyes of a red-brown, so unsheltered and unshaded, that I remember wondering how he went to sleep.”

They eyes of politicians are unshaded, they know exactly what they are doing is wrong, and we the people have a right to wonder, how they sleep at night.

Where to begin with this tall drink of lying, leaking, sniveling, sleazing crybaby we call former-FBI Director James Comey? What a thing to witness Thursday afternoon.

Source: The Endless List Of Sins Committed By J. Edgar Comey | Daily Wire

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