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Ivanka on a Plane Meets a Man Who is Insane Don’t do the Same

By now you’ve probably heard this story and depending on your point of view thought how terrible it was or how much Ivanka deserved this. If you are in the camp that thinks she deserves this then you are a bad person. It’s that simple. The woman is sitting down minding her own business, with her small children, and she’s done exactly nothing to harm you. Yet you feel the need to be rude. That just makes you a bad person. You can go on Twitter and puff your chest and act like you’ve done something strong and meaningful but really all you’ve done is make an ass out of yourself by bullying a woman and her small children while they are sitting on an airplane.

The only way a person can think that this behavior makes them somehow a victor is if they are either a bad person or have a mental illness. Of course I leave open the possibility that both are true.

In my introduction video on YouTube I talk about how we’re going to discuss the things that people used to discuss. I also mean in a way people used to discuss them.
The other day I posted a story about how millennials are regretting their choice to get piercings and tattoos. My personal perspective on these things is that I wouldn’t want my fur marked or my bill pierced. That’s just the kind of platypus that I am yet I respect the right others have to make that choice. I don’t think people with tattoos are nasty horrible people. I posted a link to that story on Facebook and had what I consider a wonderful little exchange with a person who is obviously well grounded and brilliant. She let me know that she wasn’t among the people the story discussed who regretted her piercings and tattoos. I teased her a little then explained why I posted the story and why I believe people should be free to make these kinds of choices and not regulated by a government. All very short. I liked her comment and she liked my reply. She wasn’t angry that I had teased her, wasn’t angry that I had posted an article about how people are regretting these choices. She doesn’t regret it and her maturity in reply demonstrates her confidence in that choice. ¬†Brilliant! How hard is that to do? I didn’t tell her she was ruining her life and she didn’t tell me I was a bigot against tattooed people. Yet we both were able to express our views that the other might not agree talk and like is greatwith. People are interesting and learning about them is interesting.

It’s similar to people who get offended at being told “merry Christmas!” As if angrily huffing back “I don’t believe in Christmas” is an appropriate reply. In all honesty if someone said “Happy Winter Solstice Day!” to me I would say “Thank you. You too!” and mean it every whit. I don’t give an echidna’s back quill about the winter solstice but clearly the person who wished me a happy one does and that means in their mind they just wished something good on me and my life.

So what about running into people you think, or maybe even know, are big jerks and terrible human beings? Are you elevated by randomly berating them in front of their children? If you even consider for one moment that you are then you’re just quite simply a bad person and terribly mistaken about what you’ve just accomplished. I doubt their hashtag was meant ironically but in the end it is.

The 35-year-old mother-of-three was travelling with her children to Palm Beach, Florida from New York City on a Jet Blue flight when a man began to accost her and scream at her Thursday.

Source: Ivanka Trump ‘aggressively confronted by JetBlue passenger while sitting with her kids | Daily Mail Online

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