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It isn’t guns we love but what they represent

I agree and disagree with this general premise. The author states that our love of guns is passed down from father to son. That is true. I have a few guns that were my dad’s. Two of which were his passed down to him from someone who had them passed down to them. Two of them (one still shoots one doesn’t) are from the turn of the century. One, a pistol, was purchased from the Sears and Roebuck catalog for $1.95 not too long after the catalog was first put out in the late 1800’s. The other is a rifle from 1902 and it still shoots though the stock is damaged.

So I agree with the author that this is something passed down from father to son, or grandfather to grandson. But I don’t believe that it’s a love of guns that is passed down. I don’t shoot and handle these guns thinking how much I love guns. My dad didn’t teach me a love of guns. He taught me a love of spending time with your son. He taught me the love of doing something men do. A love of a skill that can be used to feed and protect.

My dad grew up on a farm and the pistol was used by his grandmother to dispatch swine as their means of slaughter. It was a step up from the sledge-hammer. My dad didn’t love the gun. He loved the memories and he loved the fact that his grandmother could run a farm all by herself and kill a pig with a gun. See, I say that shooting is something men do, but my dad loved the fact that it was a woman who wielded this particular gun.

I’m not saying you won’t find people out there who love guns. There certainly are hobbyists that collect them for the sake of it. They love the craftsmanship, the history, the balance and power of particular guns in the same way a coin collector knows each mint and strike. But I think the majority of people love what guns represent more than they love the inanimate object itself.

I believe that is a common misconception.

It’s my personal belief that those who wish to take away guns, and many who see American as a wild gun-toting place don’t comprehend the real essence of American gun ownership. There are a few traits that are very American and perhaps none more so than the desire to stand on our own two feet. That is why we have resisted socialism for so long. That is the reason we disdain the cheater, the sore looser, the underhanded sneak. Anyone who didn’t earn what they have. It’s one of the reasons that we were so angry to hear Obama say “you didn’t build that” when talking about businesses. Just because you plunk a road down doesn’t mean you get to take credit for every business success in American Mr. Obama!

Not only are guns a symbol to Americans of the ideals of America they are a right.

That’s the second thing those who want to take away guns don’t seem to get. We have the right to bear arms. We aren’t asking your permission. We don’t need your approval. You don’t need to appreciate guns or like guns or believe that guns are important. You have the right not to own one and please, exercise that right. By all means, don’t own a gun. But you have no right to prevent others from making that purchase.



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Source: Our Love of Guns Is Often Passed Down from Father to Son

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