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Is this why drugs should remain illegal?

I’ve seen people like this woman time and time again. They are why I have always been fine with drugs being illegal. It has only been in the last few years that I have started to see that subject in the light of rights rather than harm to self. As a caring individual I see this and my instinct is to protect her from harm. When we talk about legalization of drugs we have to make sure that stories like this one are understood. We have to figure out in our minds and society how we can place them.

How can we make drugs legal when they cause people to do things like this?

That is an understandable point of view. I tend to think of it this way: even if the drug itself was legal, she still can be charged with endangerment of a child. It’s not like the drug itself being legal will mean people can get away with the things they do while on them. As it stands, unless the police actually find heroin in the car they aren’t going to charge her with possession anyway.

I hate drugs. I personally think anyone who takes them is making a mistake. I like to maintain control over myself and my mind. I don’t use them and won’t. I’ve seen close up their devastating effects. Each of the crimes that are promoted by drug abuse are also promoted by alcohol abuse. If someone drives drunk, we charge them for that. If someone gets drunk and punches someone, we charge them for that assault. That’s how it works. Drugs are somewhat different of course. I’m not sure I can support legalization of all types of drugs. Bath salts for example are known to cause very dangerous, deadly, and public outbursts of violence.

If violence is inherent in the drug or likely to be caused by it, then I can see a reason to keep that drug illegal. Heroin, isn’t like that. It causes a person to do…well…nothing. That, of course is the main curse of it. Those who use it are reduced to nothing. If their being nothing harms me or others, we charge them with a crime. If they need help getting off of the drug, we help them, because that’s useful.

Jail has not been shown to be a method that keeps drug users off of drugs long-term. Some are saved by it. There are always some. For them it’s likely that jail represents rock bottom. But for thousands jail is middle of the road stuff and not motivation enough for change. What is? Perhaps endangering your child? Perhaps not. Rather than the drug use itself being the crime there are a whole host of consequences that do get charged for and punished for, either legally, or personally. If none of those consequences occur though, why should taking the substance be illegal? I’m not sure it should.

A woman found unconscious in a car with a baby in the backseat and heroin-filled syringes in the front has been arrested. Charisma Rae Jean Bondonese, 31, has been charged with child neglect, possession of drug equipment and possession of controlled substances without a prescription after being found in a Palm Beach Wal-Mart parking lot on Friday night.

Source: Florida woman was unconscious in car with heroin and baby | Daily Mail Online

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