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Is there really a war on women?

In case you haven’t heard, there’s a war on women! They are under assault, relentless assault, by the patriarchy. Only…they’re not. Let’s be completely honest about this, the women in the march haven’t been oppressed. They have the same rights as men do. They aren’t paid less for the same work. That myth has long been busted but they just refuse to accept it. This refusal to understand or import fact into your narrative is one of the primary reasons they are just…well…laughing stocks. I don’t see women dressed as vaginas and and say to myself, “Dang, she’s had it tough, I need to call congress to get her some rights!” No, instead I look in disbelief that anyone with a modicum of self respect would dress that way (or go naked) or anyone with a particle of intelligence would think it was an effective way to deliver their message. It’s impossible to discover just what that message is except something about the mythical patriarchy.

I saw several of the women make a statement similar to each other, each in turn saying (in essence), “I don’t want to be thought of as just a vagina!” I kid you not, this while dressed AS a vagina. Some decry how the patriarchy (clearly something like Hydra or Spectre) wants control over their uterus. “My uterus is NONE of your business” they shout while at the same time expecting us to pay for their birth control.

I’ve got news for you all, your uterus is bought and paid for the moment you accept public money for your birth control, pap smear, or abortion. Once you take my money you don’t get to decide for yourself anymore. You’ve given me and every other tax payer a say in your uterus.

Girls pose with Julie Vanadis who wears a vagina costume at the Women’s March Saturday, Jan. 21, 2017, at the Civic Center in San Francisco, Calif. (Karl Mondon/Bay Area News Group)

There are many hard working women out there who didn’t realize they were oppressed. I mean that. They woke up in the morning, went to work, worked hard, and came home to the nightly news which made them suddenly aware they were at war and a host of vagina clad women were on the front lines on their behalf.

Form ranks women! PMS’ers on the front line, hot flashes to the rear, form ranks, you, arm pit hair, get in line, form ranks!

Real Women Should Be in the Front

They should be in the front, but they don’t have time for this nonsense. They lead from the rear, where the respect is earned. You see, you can’t demand respect, you can only command it by your deeds. We often hear the term “real women” thrown about, real women do this or do that. Real women don’t need to run to DC in a vagina costume to make a fool of themselves. You see (other than a few morons) men know what women are capable of and they greatly respect them. They know, not because a uterus shouted it at them, but they know because real women are out there every day, day in and day out, getting it done; whatever IT has to be, they do IT.

Hard work, hard study, time spent, time juggled, money spent and money saved and they are secure enough in themselves that they don’t need men to say it, but are still pleased when they do rather than offended. “Don’t patronize me!” No, a real women will never say that, she doesn’t need to.

D-day men's march

Just Exactly What Rights?

This march was such a parade of absurdity that I almost feel like it was all well done satire. But it wasn’t, the women there, they meant it. Somehow, they came to express outrage at how they have been treated.

I wonder…did they ask their husbands for money to buy the signs? Did they walk there, or drive themselves? Were they protesting because they couldn’t vote in the last election? The one that a woman ran in. Just what exactly were they protesting? They can drive, work, think, talk, run companies, be secretary of state, supreme court justice, CEO of a Fortune 500 company, a teacher, an actor, a scientist, a mom, whatever they want. What is it they aren’t getting?

If you are Ashley Judd you seem to fighting for your right to have your period recognized. For the right to have the blood on your sheets honored as a great sacrifice for the cause of womanhood. She thought it was ridiculous that Rogaine wasn’t taxed but tampons were. Fine…we’ll tax Rogaine too. Only of course she wasn’t exactly right. Several states don’t tax tampons and other menstrual cycle gear. But, be that as it may, we’re happy to tax razors, Viagra, and Rogaine if you like Ashley. Men pay for those things and don’t expect taxpayers to foot the bill so in the name of equality don’t expect your women’s health issues to be paid for either. Free birth control is not a right. Period (pun always intended).

Women Did Vote for Trump

Then of course there were signs highlighting Trump’s crude and inappropriate dialogue, the one we’ve all heard, I’m sure, by this time. Somehow a great many other women were able to look beyond that and vote for him. The statistic that 45% of college educated women voted for Trump shows us that women did indeed vote for Trump. Break that statistic down even  more and we see that Clinton’s lead among women was in two categories, Black and Hispanic voters. Suddenly it becomes harder to discover if their vote was a women thing, or a “he’s going to build the wall” or some other kind of vote. Trump’s showing with women is strong enough to say he has the support of Women, this in an election where the person he ran against was a woman. One of their own.

I respect that these marching women couldn’t bring themselves to vote for Trump. That’s their right. But what do they hope to accomplish going topless, or dressed as a vagina, or brandishing signs with equally as crude language? To show they are equal with men? I read about one women who had a sign that read, “If you’re going to grab my pussy, keep your hands off my healthcare.” First off, he’s not going grab you and secondly, we’re paying for your healthcare so that gives us a right to say what kind you get. That’s the loss of freedom that comes with using tax payer money for your healthcare.

Women ARE equal to men. In America they are treated that way and only the blind don’t recognize it. They love to say that’s only mansplaining or the patriarchy talking. If you don’t have a vagina they say, you don’t have a say. Well, at least they’ve taken as stand on the transgender issue.

But women should think twice before telling men they have no say. Men, you see, are likely to take them serious.

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