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Is the Problem with the Jedi Manliness?

I recently watched the below video and made a rather lengthy comment on it. It was nice to find a place where people see Star Wars as something more than just laser swords and space cowboys. Here is the comment and the link. For me the video gets a lot right and a lot wrong and sometimes seems to just stumble upon it with the explanations not matching the conclusions even when the conclusions are correct. So below I just talk about some of my impressions. They do eventually lead to our modern age and the lessons of fearfulness and control that we see manifest in socialism and antifa who are Sith after all.

“Very good video. I enjoyed thinking about the themes. This shows that Star Wars is far more than many people give it credit for. It also demonstrates well why The Last Jedi was a good movie involving the same depth as the others. Luke, was not wrong, and Luke grew as a character in a way that was logical. I’ve long thought that Luke was actually the Chosen One. We see him use dark and light force powers. We see him with an understanding of the nature of the force that no one else seems to have. The idea from the movie that it was arrogance to think the force itself and the Jedi were synonymous. Basically he’s saying truth is truth, existence exists, and the Jedi are just one way of seeing all that. We get more of that from the Clone Wars animated series and Rebels in the way of others, non-Jedi, that can use the force, and non-Sith as well.

I found it Interesting how the video cuts off what Obi Wan says before and after, “Bury your feelings deep down, Luke.”

Before that he says, “Your insight serves you well.” and follows it with, “They do you credit, but they could be made to serve the Emperor.” Feelings are repressed in the Jedi order, not because feelings are bad, but because feelings are vulnerabilities. With great power comes great responsibility and for a group of ascetic samurai monks that can tap into the very power that runs the universe, they have to be careful of them. We see that the predictions of Yoda come true as it is fear, the fear he sensed in Anakin, that turned him to the dark side. Fear of loss in this case.

It’s an imperfect religion. But, the Jedi also know this. They are aware of the flaw in their thinking. There exists within them two contradictory principles. Like exist in the real world. Mercy and Justice. They stand opposed but needing to exist at the same time. Each demanding their place. This is classically placed as light vs dark in Star Wars. That the Jedi are aware of this flaw is evident in the prophecy of balance. They know these forces must exist, somehow, at the same time, and that there is someway for that to happen.

Real religions have worked out answers to this very question. Being one with the universe, or seeing the purpose in all, or in the case of Christianity having one willing sacrifice to meet the demands of both mercy and justice. The Jedi were trying to do this, they knew they should, but they also feared that only those with the greatest level of self-control could even begin to. As with all religions the initiate is not privy to the gnonsis. They must be prepared to receive the higher light and knowledge.

That the Jedi are ultimately successful in this is evident by their existence as force ghosts. So while they may have errors and difficulties along the way (Luke was right for sure) they did ultimately find the path to become one with the Force. ”

What I left out of the comment, was the fact that the creator of the video basically concludes that the problem with the Jedi is manliness. That Jedi/Men must control their feelings, not cry, to be in control of themselves in the face of danger. The traditional qualities revered in men, what we Americans have considered “real” men.

He has a point but gets there in what I consider a sloppy way.

The creator misses so much. He says that Anakin wasn’t possessive of Padme but of course he was. To the point where he was finally physically abusive.

Emotions do work on a “domino theory” with one emotion leading to the other. He’s referring to Yoda’s “fear leads to…” when he says this. Fear, actually is a path to evil. The problem that the creator of the video fails to understand is that it isn’t simply feeling fear, but rather feeling fearful that is the catalyst.

The creator concludes that the Jedi teach that loving relationships lead to evil. This is ironic as he says the “domino theory” of emotions is reductive.

What the creator of the video also fails to do is place the events and theories of Star Wars within the confines of the actual story and placing it in modern thinking. Star WARS. What takes place takes place during war and in preparation for war. For conflict, combat, for the ultimate battle of good against evil. Weakness in war is dangerous. Emotion in war is dangerous.

In the end Anakin’s fall could just as well be blamed on his not following the Jedi as it is based on their teaching.

The video creator’s point in the end is that it was Luke’s love of his friends, his attachment, that in the end made the difference between him and his father. That’s really not quite right. It wasn’t the attachment but rather the expression of that attachment. One turned to a desire to control. Not only those around him but life itself. Yoda was right, if he had been able to let go, which is the ultimate end of the stages of grief, then he would not have been in the emotional fix he was in. The video creator thinks Yoda should have sent Anakin to a counselor (he says that in the video) but fails to recognize that Yoda was the counselor and Anakin was at a point in his training where he had been taught these things over and over again. Yoda was simply reminding him of what he already knew and was ignoring.

What made Luke different? The video creator says it was the fact that he didn’t hide from his emotions or feelings but expressed them. But, of course, that’s not true either. Luke, in the end, only won when he suppressed his anger and showed self-control. Men don’t just control fear, and crying, they control anger and hate too. Men, you see, are strong. Just like the Jedi men are possessed of a power that can be wielded for good or evil, over others or for others.

I have said this before, I think fear very much is the path to the dark side. Fear of loss, as Yoda highlights.

Think of your average socialist. What is it that motivates them if not fear of loss? They are so afraid of the world around them that they seek to control it. Just as Anakin wanted to control life itself to keep Padme alive, so do socialists want to control life to keep themselves alive. They fear they are not strong enough to do it themselves so they insist that everyone help them. But when others don’t want to, don’t see thinks the way they do, or worst of all aren’t themselves fearful, they use force to make others do what they want them to. Bending others to your will is the dark side.

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