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Is it time for a transgender military experiment? 

When we say man, we mean man, when we say woman, we mean woman. But when we say transgender man, we mean a woman and likewise the other. It’s required to speak about it this way because it represents a change from the natural (original if you prefer) state of the being into something else. What motivates this change is psychological. Even if it were discovered that there was a hormonal imbalance at play how that is dealt with by the being is still a matter of cognition. It is largely unknown at this point how the various issues surrounding transgender people matter or don’t in a combat situation.

Recently a federal court ruled that Trump (the Commander-in-Chief of the US Military) had to begin allowing transgender people into the military on January 1, 2018. “But Trump is doubling down, fighting in court to push back the Jan. 1 entry date and keep his ban in place.” Justice Department lawyers have filed an appeal. For me, I admire the desire to serve but understand the caution that must be used. If a mental instability does exist that could potentially put others in harm’s way, then a ban is reasonable. If not, then no such ban should exist. Though I do firmly believe this is a mental health issue I also know that not all mental health issues are problematic for anyone but the individual. This seems to be one of those cases, but since the research is not complete (this is all quite new actually) the current ban does not seem unreasonable.

These aren’t evil people seeking to do evil to others. Regardless of the causation behind their dysphoria there seems to be no more or less a tendency to violence or crime among the demographic. The only thing left, in my opinion, is the stability in combat issue. A trial program seems the right course of action. Allow a limited number (that’s all there is really anyway) of transgender people into the military and see how it goes. If it goes well, then remove the ban. If it does not then keep it with assurance it’s the right thing to do.


Ty Wright for BuzzFeed News

Talbott, 24, has checked every box to start enlisting in the military: He’s in flawless shape, he’s found a recruiter at the Air Force National Guard who wants him to start right away, he’s spent a year preparing for the entrance exam, and his college education included courses on global security and antiterrorism. “Anything having to do with countering terrorism and keeping people safe from terrorist attacks is my passion and absolute drive,” he told BuzzFeed News in a recent interview. But Talbott is tr

Source: This Transgender Man Is Trying To Enlist In The Military On Jan. 1. Trump Is Trying To Stop Him

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