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Is Allah A Doormat?

I don’t have a problem with Amazon, or any business, removing a product because some of its customers find it offensive. I believe a business should maintain the right to control what it sells.

A quick scan of their catalog of items will reveal  literally thousands of items that can be seen as offensive. Not only items of a sexual nature but items that people of other religions might find offensive. Take this sweater for example.

Non-Christians might find it amusing, a mock of humor. Harmless they say. To a Christian though, it might be seen as blasphemy. Do Christians just not complain or does Amazon just not care if they do? I don’t know which. Just a curiousity to me.

Amazon online retailer appears to have removed a doormat product from its website after criticism on social media that the mat with the word ‘Allah’ offends Muslims. A petition urging a boycott was subsequently launched online.

Source: Amazon reportedly removes ‘offensive’ Allah doormat after social media criticism — RT Viral

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