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How the Media Helped Create Extremism

I find it so very interesting that people seem so worried about the far right (as they most certainly should be) but seem to ignore the far left (which is equally as dangerous). I agree that the media has helped amplify the far right, the alt-right, and their kind. The media loves to focus on them. But at the same time they have not just amplified but propagated the far left. The media is the propaganda arm of the left. They don’t see how dangerous the left is because they fail to believe anything bad about things like socialism.

They fail to see that their own tactics of force and coercion are equally evil. It’s funny but I don’t consider myself middle of the road. I have beliefs and I hold to them strongly. In some of them my passion is quite extreme. It’s just that within the scope of my beliefs others are still free to have theirs. I believe in the agency of man. We are free to choose. We only run afoul of each other when we violate the right of others to choose. I honestly wonder sometimes why the concept of individual rights isn’t more popular. I suppose it is fear. If you are in charge of you then when things go wrong you think you only have to rely on your own self.

That of course isn’t true. Just because rights exist doesn’t mean people aren’t free to help each other. It’s just that they aren’t forced to. I can see why that level of uncertainty might be uncomfortable for some. Left of right, it’s all the same to me. They both are out there trying to take your rights and gain power but are just doing it for different reasons.

I want everyone to think that both sides to get to a point where they realize forcing others to do what they want isn’t winning. If I’m running a race and I force the other guy to walk instead of run, I may have crossed the finish line first but I most certainly didn’t win the race. When it comes to the race of ideas only persuasion is winning. Only when you take the time to convince others through patience and actual love. If you really think a person shouldn’t be doing something, then talk them out of it. Show them that your concern is real.

Problem is, as I see it, it’s not real. The concerns of left and right, I believe, are based on their own desire to have power, to force others. For years the right had laws against homosexuality. Why? Was it really that they loved the homosexual so much that they couldn’t’ stand to see them do that? Or was it that they didn’t agree with the behavior and wanted to force others to do what they wanted? I honestly think it was the latter. I think the left and the right live in fear that people won’t behave how they think people should behave. The right doesn’t think people will be ethical and not “sinful” and the left thinks they won’t be kind and charitable.

That fear turns into them getting angry because others won’t do what they “should” do. That’s the root of force for many. For some the root is just a desire to wield power over others for the sake of power. Those become the tyrants and they use the fear on the left and the fear on the right as tools to gain that power.

Leave other people alone. For heaven sake. We’ve tried the force method and it doesn’t work. Lets try the liberty method that respects individual rights and see how that goes. Not on a superficial level either but on a deep philosophical one. One that is almost religious in nature. Let us be so zealous over the rights of others that we would never dare step on them nor deign to watch others do so.

A new study, by a respected scholar on internet culture, winds up a penetrating indictment of journalism’s internal inconsistencies.

Source: How the Media Helped Legitimize Extremism

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