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How PC Culture IS Destroying our Society

I recently had an interesting exchange on the Government is a Platypus Facebook page which I thought I would share part of here. It was with someone who defended PC culture and the general inevitability of progressivism.

PC Comment Trail

“I won’t leave you with anything to deflect onto.”

Of course not, because you don’t want to hear it. The very idea that the premise of the post is right is anethema to you.

But I will answer the question, “How is pc culture destroying society?”

To start, as YOU say, it is divisive. You dismiss this because you say progressive movements always are but they always win. Which is simply an arrogant way of saying that anyone who doesn’t agree simply isn’t progressive and we can dismiss how they feel because we’re in the right and in the end we will win! How very religious.

Not only does it reduce dialogue it destroys freedom of speech. To make matters worse it has now moved into not just suppressing kinds of speech but compelling it!

Safe spaces mean no dialogue. Safe spaces mean people aren’t able to communicate ideas. When they hear something they don’t like, or that runs contrary to their world view they simply slip inside their safe space where they don’t have to feel or think.

Which of course makes them less able to feel or think. They become brutes with the attitude that they are right and all others are wrong. That their way will eventually rise to the surface.

Of course, when this doesn’t happen, when those who don’t agree have their own way of thinking they get angry. They take to the streets. They burn things and harm others. What else can they do? They’ve not learned to debate. They religiously think they are right. But somehow the stupid Trump-voting masses can’t see it. Well…well…they’ll MAKE them see it!

Political Correctness is fascism pretending to be manners

But how? There’s only one way, to take away the rights of those that don’t agree.

It creates a world of discontent people without the emotional maturity to deal with it or the intellectual capacity to convince others they are right through persuasion.

Success is resented, the one percent railed against, and the collective is put over the individual.

It even goes so far as to the be reason that a country cannot secure its borders and must allow wave after wave of cultural altering refugees into a country. If you want to stem the tide you are a racist. Why don’t you like brown people?!

But you can’t speak up against any of that you white, male heterosexual you, just shut up and take it!

Well, no, those people aren’t going to just shut up and take it. They will stand up and fight for what is rightfully their own regardless of how many people tell them they aren’t progressive and progressivism always wins so just shut up and let it win! No, they won’t.

And what is a society with polarization of this sort? A good healthy one or a society bound for destruction?

George Orwell said, “If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they don’t want to hear.” and PC culture aims to stop them from doing just that which means it’s aim is to destroy liberty of one group because this other group thinks it is right that it has a manifest destiny that they must just accept, like it or not.

I will think, say, and feel, as I want. If that threatens someone so be it. There is nothing in their politically correct culture that teaches them how to deal with that attitude so they withdraw into a safe space while sending out the goons to try and bully people into changing their very thoughts.

That is no kind of society, that is a tyranny.

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