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Hidden Camera Films TSA Agent

Check out this secret footage taken at a TSA checkpoint – somewhere in the United States. Watch as a sinister TSA agents gets, well, shall we say, handsy with a lovely young passenger. Over 400 TSA agents have been fired and/or arrested for stealing from passengers. It’s so bad that agents say it is common, and web sites exist with tips and tricks on how to avoid TSA stealing your stuff. TSA has patted down old folks, children in wheel chairs, and yes, even actor Verne Troyer of Mini-Me fame.

If you think TSA makes you safe you are wrong. They have provided the police with plenty to do in arresting them, but nothing in the way of actual terrorism stopped. I cannot say it enough, or more clearly, TSA needs to go. Defense is the job of the government, security is the job of the people. They are not the same thing, we are treating them like they are. What do you get for your tax money? A finger in the crotch and the government flipping you the finger. You are NOT free to move about the country!

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