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Has CWII Begun?

Something was wrong in America.

In the mid-1800s it was a great disconnect between the southern states and the northern states that mostly centered on the issue of slavery but also include expansionism and states rights. The Republican Party was created as an antislavery party. In 1860 Abraham Lincoln was elected president of the United States. As a Republican it was clear that his position was going to be a position of antislavery.

Not my president

There were clear differences culturally between the northern states and the southern states. The North was largely industrialized and the economy was based upon this industrial growth and industrial-strength. The South on the other hand was largely agricultural. Being agricultural did not make the South impoverished on the contrary it made it extremely wealthy. Cotton exports were booming. Perhaps it is because of the great prosperity of the South that they would not give up slavery. Slavery allowed them to expand their production without having to spend more money on labor beyond the initial cost of the slave and the minimal cost of room and board. For the Southerners the idea of spending money to pay laborers on an ongoing basis must have seemed apocalyptic.

As the United States itself grew westward there was great opposition in the northern states to including slavery in the expanded territories. Interestingly enough it was a Supreme Court case, the Dred Scott case, that once and for all solidified slavery as being legal. Because of this case Southerners could expand westward along with their slaves.

Abolitionists were clearly infuriated at the Supreme Court’s decision. For abolitionists like John Brown it did not matter what the Supreme Court ruled. Slavery was against the rights of man and could not stand. He intended to do something about it so he attacked Harper’s Ferry along with other abolitionists at his side. This small group of men mostly white with a handful of Blacks attacked the arsenal in order to get arms for what Brown hoped would be an armed slave uprising. He would promote rebellion among the slaves and arm the rebels. Brown had hoped to end slavery quickly and with very little bloodshed. He later understood, just before his execution, that this would not be the case

“I John Brown and now quite certain that the crimes of this guilty land will never be purged away but with blood. I had as I now think vainly flatter myself that without very much bloodshed it might be done.”

Brown’s actions convinced Southerners that no matter what the Supreme Court ruled the North would not allow slavery to stand.

Shortly after Lincoln took office southern forces threatened Fort Sumter. Confederate forces fired the first shots of artillery at the fort and after two days of fighting occupied Sumter. Soon after several other states seceded from the union. The Civil War had begun. Brown’s time of washing away the nations guilt through blood had begun. It would end over 620,000 American lives later.

The Supreme Court Isn’t Supreme

It is easy for us to look back upon that time and judge that the South was wrong and the north was right. To look back and see that it didn’t matter what the Court said. No court ruling can make evil good.

Most certainly we live in a similar time in which we find the Supreme Court passing down rulings which many find to be unconstitutional or even immoral. I personally find the Obamacare ruling to be immoral. That the government can force a person to purchase something they don’t want and punish them if they don’t is oppressive. I also think that abortion on demand is wrong and just because the court allows it doesn’t mean that it’s right anymore than Dred Scott meant slavery was right.

Because many people feel the same way I do election after election has gone to those who promise to fix the mess our country now finds itself in. People started to speak loudly about the problems in our country and the socialist direction it has been headed in. Socialism has proved itself to fail every single time it is tried. Yet the left seems hell-bent on trying it just one more time. Only this time, they want to try it here, in America. Culturally speaking Socialism is as antithetical to Americanism as roast beef is to a sushi chef.

Suddenly the voices of the right became popular. Particularly I think Milo Yiannopolous had a great deal to do with this, and to a lesser degree Ann Colter. Both of whom are hated by the left.

Milo came onto the scene as a brash, young, homosexual, with a British accent no less. He was all the things the left loved. Except, somehow, he didn’t espouse their ideology. How could a gay man not be a leftist? It seemed too incredible to believe. Yet there he was speaking on campus after campus. It was bad enough that a gay man was conservative but he then went on to do the one thing the left simply could not allow – become popular. His popularity brought crowds, boldness, and converts.

Ann Colter is similar in many respects. Her blonde hair and general attractiveness gave her instant appeal to the masses, especially the young college aged male masses.

When popular people say things the left does not like they must stop them. This has always been the case really. Books burned, lives lost, intimidation tactics, name calling, and the like. The whole bag of tricks. It’s worked for years really. Call someone a racist, a bigot, a homophobe and they shut up. Add to that islamophobe, misogynist, and the ever-dreaded “right-winger” and no one says a word. But Milo and Ann weren’t having any of that. They let the darts of the adversary fly. Rather than dodge them or deflect them they simply let them hit. They show now wound from the blow.

Along comes Trump. Just like them he takes the blows as if they matter not. He gets popular. He says he’s going to dismantle their work. He doesn’t care that the Supreme Court says Obamacare is the law of the land and so forth. They hate him for this. They hate him for his popularity too. Most of all they hate him because the tried and honored tactics don’t do anything at all. They are impotent. This enrages them. They riot. Judges block his executive orders when even the layman can see there is no legal basis for them doing so. People on twitter call for his death. All with the same mantra running through their minds, “NOT MY PRESIDENT!”

It seems the Second American Civil War has begun.

Something happened after the victory of Donald J. Trump that has never happened in American’s history; the results of the last election were not accepted. This is more than just rhetoric. The riots, the court rulings, the calls for death, and the media openly admitting they must combine efforts to stop Trump.

In this it doesn’t matter whether or not you are a Trump supporter or not. Many were not Obama supporters but they did not riot. Many saw Obama as a disaster and Congress just allowing him to do whatever he wanted. But there were no riots. In America we accept the outcomes of elections even when we don’t like the outcome.

On the left the only authority they recognize is their own authority.

While everyone has been so busy discussing WWIII they have failed to notice the actual start of CWII.

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