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“Hands Up Don’t Shoot” Was a Lie & Why That Matters

Speaking of the “Hands up Don’t Shoot” mantra,  the Washington Post wrote, “This phrase became a rallying cry for Ferguson residents, who took to the streets to protest the fatal shooting of a black 18-year-old by a white police officer, Darren Wilson.” (Lee, 2015) But as the article acknowledges the “Hands up Don’t Shoot” mantra used by Black Lives Matter flowing out of Furgeson was a lie. It never happened. Protesters (rioters I mean) changed it, it showed up on signs and it drove the narrative forward. It didn’t matter that it wasn’t based on facts.randlaws

But, Black Lives Matters isn’t big on facts. Take the image below as an example. When people say “all lives matter” they really are saying just that. They aren’t saying shut up, they aren’t denigrating black lives. They are saying it because, quite frankly, BLM chose a bad slogan. They could have used a good PR person because whomever came up with “Black Lives Matter” should have known the result. Perhaps they did, perhaps they do. It seems like division is really more what they are interested in. They don’t want to say all lives matter, not because they don’t believe it but rather because they don’t want to include others. People who snap back that all lives matter are rightfully feeling left out and that’s intentional.

If what BLM really want
s is police reform excluding the majority of people from your cause is a poor way to go about it. BLM activist DeRay McKesson was interviewed in the article linked below where he said:

“The movement has created a critical mass of people who understand that there’s a crisis. Two years ago, there were people who thought that there was a problem in Ferguson, [but] they did not yet accept that there was a problem across the country. We won that battle.”

But I don’t think they did win that battle. I think their lack of inclusiveness means that a majority of people still don’t see things their way and won’t because they feel slighted. That’s to be expected given the tactics used by BLM and the frequent bending of facts that has gone on.


One of the Black Lives Matter movement’s most prominent voices is 31-year-old DeRay Mckesson. He has balanced using his platform online and off in order to draw attention to matters such as public safety and law enforcement reform.

Source: Building tools for digital activism | Verge 2021

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