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Gun Control is About Destroying Males

As I read the below linked article it made me think about the gun control issue. Why is there a “gun culture” and why are so many so dead set against gun control? We often say it is the Second Amendment but this article makes me think it might be something much deeper. Something the left has been fighting hard to destroy – masculinity or what they call “toxic masculinity”. It talks about the very true idea of man as protector. That’s something man has been for perhaps millions of years. It is something that is not just a social construct or romantic notion. It is the byproduct of man’s evolution.

“You may believe that a real man cultivates his mind, or does creative work, or shares his feelings openly, or happily plays tea party with his daughter, or loves Jesus. But none of those things — no philosophizing, or worshiping, or reading, or parenting — is possible…if you and your loved ones are dead.”

The left wants to give that role over to the state but to do so they must first destroy that desire in men to be natural protectors and that desire in women and children to look to them for protection. Don’t expect your husband to protect you they say, the state can do it instead. In all honestly, who is going to do a more thoughtful job it: the paid hand or the devoted one? No matter how good the police are, they are a paid hand. If they don’t have personal buy-in as a protector, as a knight of modern times, as a warrior, then they aren’t going to as well protecting. Increasingly becoming a police officer is just a job, a career with good benefits and not a calling to mount your black and white steed and ride into battle.

Robbing men of the means to protect their family and their property is the final bold step in the evolution of dominance from family unit to state. The final nail in the coffin for true and honorable masculinity.

You cannot turn over a million years of conditioning to the state and expect men to be content. Those who try to force others always run up against the law of unintended consequences. The war on drugs has given the drug dealers more power, the war on poverty has kept people poor, bombing other countries to help them has turned them against us, making education free has made it worthless, and trying to take guns, to make men less than men, less than what they are designed by nature to be, what consequence will that have?



We’ve covered the 3 P’s of Manhood (protect, procreate, and provide), and we’ve distilled them down to the fundamentals — the ancient, nearly universal standards of manhood that have existed around the world for thousands of years.But in studying them, one can’t help but notice that their requirements are not exclusively manly. Haven’t women played a part in these roles, not just now, but since time immemorial? Is it possible then to drill down through these fundamentals even further, to find the role and

Source: What Is the Core of Masculinity? | The Art of Manliness

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