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Ghost guns, poison, and bows and arrows – banning things doesn’t stop killings

Making guns illegal won’t be any more effective than making booze illegal or drugs illegal. That this is true has been verified by every single experience trying to ban things. To do something, or not to do something, is a choice. If you don’t do drugs it is not because they are illegal. It’s because you make a choice, perhaps every single day, not to use them. That it is illegal may be one thing you use to make that choice, but it’s the choice, not the law, that ultimately is the reason you don’t do a thing. We know this is true because of the millions of people who break laws every single day.

You do it. I bet you do. I bet you speed, roll through a stop sign without coming to a complete stop, use those drugs, get booze before you are 21, maybe you shoplifted when you were a kid. Why did you do those things? They are illegal after all, banned behaviors, but you did them anyway. The answer to that question is incredibly simple – you did those things because – you wanted to. But that doesn’t mean that laws aren’t powerful things. They may not prevent behavior but they do give the government the power to punish those who make that choice. Right now using a gun on someone else is illegal and if you do you get put in jail.

Gun laws would make mere ownership of the gun illegal and subject to punishment regardless if a person does anything with that gun or not. That means people who have the gun but no intention at all to do anything at all with it, perhaps even just put it on a wall as decoration. In terms of the number of people who own guns versus the number that use them illegally the number of illegal uses is tiny by comparison, tiny. That means a whole lot of harmless people become criminals in an effort to stop the rare criminal who, as we all know, will do what they are going to do no matter what. They might use a gun, a club, a hammer, a bow and arrows, poison, or any number of other things.

You won’t stop killing by banning the things use to kill because so many things can be used to kill.


An untraceable kit gun was used in the Saugus High School shooting in Santa Clarita, California, officials say.

Source: What’s a ‘ghost gun’? Untraceable, DIY firearm used in California high school shooting

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