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Full Text of and Comments On: The Inspector General Report

This is the full text (500 pages) of the recent report from the Office of the Inspector General titled, “A Review of Various Actions by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department of Justice in Advance of the 2016 Election.”

Trey Gowdy, who had as recently as last week praised the FBI and chastised people for denigrating a “great American institution” had this to say after reading the report,

“I am alarmed, angered, and deeply disappointed by the inspector general’s finding of numerous failures by DOJ and FBI in investigating potential Espionage Act violations by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. This report confirms investigative decisions made by the FBI during the pendency of this investigation were unprecedented and deviated from traditional investigative procedures in favor of a much more permissive and voluntary approach.

“This is not the way normal investigations are run. The investigation was mishandled. The investigatory conclusions were reached before the end of the witness interviews. The July 5th press conference marked a serious violation of policy and process. And the letters to Congress in the fall of 2016 were both delayed in substance and unnecessary in form. Moreover the treatment afforded to former Secretary Clinton and other potential subjects and targets was starkly different from the FBI’s investigation into Trump campaign officials. …

“The report also conclusively shows an alarming and destructive level of animus displayed by top officials at the FBI. Peter Strzok’s manifest bias trending toward animus casts a pall on this investigation. This is not the FBI I know. This is not the FBI our country needs. This is not the FBI citizens and suspects alike deserve.

That on the heels of saying we should all be proud of the FBI. I believe that Gowdy really believed the FBI was good when he made his statement defending it. I believe that he was likely shocked to learn how incompetent its leaders are and to learn that FBI agents were actively talking about hot to beat Trump. Text messages were in the report that read, “There’s no way Trump can win, right? He can’t win, right?” The response, “No. We won’t let that happen.” As time went by and it looked like Trump was going to win the same two were still fighting against Trump and texted they were going to take out an insurance policy against him winning. Might that “insurance” be the leaked fake memo that started all this investigation?

This text exchange, the one above that was between Lisa Page and Peter Strzok, was withheld from Congress. That’s right, during all those hearings this was held back. Congress didn’t officially know about it until this report. Someone, it seems, was trying to mess with out election – the FBI and the DOJ.

And of course Trump had something to say, or tweet. He blasted the “scum” at the FBI and said they were out to “get” him. Typical Trump but thanks to this report we actually know they really were out to get him. We can question how much power they had to actually accomplish that, and we can question how many people this actually included, but that they were out to get him is pretty well documented. If we put ourselves in the mind of Trump (by now you should be able to do this) when he talks about “the scum” at the FBI we should know he’s not talking about the entire FBI but only those people who are out to get him. That is what makes them scum.

The Daily Wire outlined 12 things they think you should know about this report. I haven’t read all 500 pages yet so I will stick with their list. You can read the details of their list on their site and you can read the full report below.

  1. FBI Agents Lisa Page and Peter Strzok Texted About Stopping Trump.
  2. Comey Concluded That He’d Let Hillary Off In Spring 2016. 
  3. Comey Watered Down His Draft Statement On Hillary Dramatically. 
  4. Comey Is A Glory Hound. 
  5. The DOJ and FBI Changed The Law To Exonerate Hillary. 
  6. The FBI Wildly Botched The Re-Opening Of The Hillary Case.
  7. The FBI Agents Prioritized The Russia Investigation Above The Hillary Investigation Reopening. 
  8. Comey Revealed The Reopened Investigation To Congress Because He Thought Hillary Was Going To Win, and He Wanted To Preserve Her Legitimacy.
  9. Five Separate Agents Sent Pro-Clinton, Anti-Trump Texts — Many Of Which Implied Using Official Authority To Target Trump.
  10. Comey, Strzok, and Page Used Personal Email To Conduct FBI Business.
  11. FBI Employees Leaked To The Press Regularly.
  12. Former Assistant Attorney General Peter Kadzik Should Have Recused.


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