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Foundation & Robot Series by Isaac Asimov

Most people have heard of I,Robot either the movie or the book. The movie isn’t bad but the book covers more ground, of course. It is philosophical in nature.

I, Robot

When it comes to the Robot apocalypse Asimov invented the rules. Literally, the rules of robotics. The book then goes through various ways that robots can break those laws while technically keeping them.

Foundation Series

Another great Asimov property is the Foundation Series. I really don’t want to get into too much detail on that one because even giving you basic plot points would spoil some of the fun. Let’s just say it spans around 20,000 years and contains robots, space ships, and empire. It digs down into humanity and society.

You can find more books by Isaac Asimov on Amazon. They are pretty affordable and make for good reading as well as being thought provoking.

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