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“F*** YOU. GO TO HELL” Says Tolerant Liberal Professor to Muslim

Pardon the icky words in the title, they aren’t mine but are required to tell the story. This professor (pictured below) went on a tantrum when she found out a Muslim voted for Donald Trump. This took place publicly on twitter and behind the scenes in direct messages between the two. Of particular note to me and the thing that sums this all up nicely is the below tweet.

Not a human being

“I’ve written you off as a human being.” Ponder that for two minutes before you read on.

Stop here and think about just what that statement means and what kind of emotion could be behind it. Tolerance? Love? Hope? Patience? Kindness? Intelligence? Logic?

It can only come from hate. Pure emotion and nothing more. To write someone off as a human being is to see them as so low they are deserving of no human rights and dignity. They aren’t even human. They are to you an animal. What has brought her to feel this way about another person? Because the person voted for Trump. Bad enough for a  non-Muslim but when a Muslim votes for Trump it’s so mind blowing and horrible this professor just snaps. This one Tweet drips with arrogance, hatred, and ignorance. The arrogance, hatred, and ignorance of the left. I think perhaps that’s the worst kind of arrogance, that kind where the arrogant person is actually – wrong. They put themselves up on a pedestal of intellect and tolerance but then act as if their way of thinking is the only way.

Then there is the bigotry of her point of view. A Muslim can only possibly think one way. All of them are the same to this professor or should be. There should be no individuality among Muslims, they should be a monolithic group that hates Trump. Blacks and gays get this same treatment from leftists. If a black man is conservative then he’s branded as an “Uncle Tom”. If a homosexual like MILO comes along they launch all sorts of name calling and tactics his way, tactics designed to shut him up. We get this from the climate change people too. If you don’t think man is causing climate change, you are a stupid and intolerable being.

The moment something comes along to challenge their worldview they aren’t able to use intellect to discuss it. Psychologically this creates anxiety to the level of actual pain. The fight or flight response kicks in. They call you various names, insult you, mock you, condescend as if they are so much smarter. They do this because on a physiological level they are driven to it by the subconscious pain of having all they believe in challenged and being unable to defend it.

They never address the actual point of the argument. And that’s because they can’t. They aren’t basing it on intellect but rather on faith. These things are not what’s true but rather just what they believe.

A note to people of religion who believe God gave us freewill: if God gave it to people why do you think you have the right to take it away from them?

The solution is simple really and it applies to everyone: let you, do you and as long as that doesn’t step on anyone else’s fundamental rights calm yourself and understand that it’s their life and you can’t live it for them. That’s not quite the same as “live and let live” which includes an unwritten clause to never say anything about another’s behavior. Go ahead and express your opinions and let loved ones know you don’t approve but stop when it comes to forcing them or coercing them.

Left or right always seem to want to pass laws to control morality. It’s not morality if it’s forced it’s just oppression. My Nan raised me to be a religious Platypus and I would love to see people sharing my morals but when I look and see they aren’t my first reaction isn’t to make a law to force them to. Left of right, secular or religious, excited or apathetic – you do you.

Source: ‘F**K YOU. GO TO HELL’: Georgetown Prof Loses It On Muslim Trump Voter Via @dailycaller

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