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Firemen Save Sausage Fodder from Blaze

Humans eat meat. For most they aren’t even aware of the fact that this is because evolution has given them a digestive system that manages meat and a metabolism that requires it, nor are they aware of the fact that they are apex predators, arguably the most successful the planet has ever known. No, for most people meat just tastes great. Even we platypus are pleased to scarf up the living things that reside below us on the food chain. This particular story, well, it gave me a bit of a chuckle. The pigs were saved from a fire, yeah! Then served up to the firefighters as a thank you. Make no mistake, that farmer understood the value of those animals to him.

It’s one of my favorite lines from the Mitchell and Webb comedy skit, “Pigs are expensive, pink and annoying, but they are also delicious, which is why we breed so many of them. There might be more polar bears left if more people wanted one for breakfast.”

Animals are also – property. There is no such thing as “animal rights”. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I love animals too, I think people should treat them humanely and care for them well before they slaughter them. I don’t believe that their final destination on the plate means people shouldn’t care about them while they are yet alive and fattening. They should care. But that’s not about animal rights, that’s about being a good human.

Though I realize that vegans are concerned about how people treat animals they’ve carried that concern too far. Hunters and farmers have long been concerned and taken special action in how they slaughter an animal. A clean shot, a quick death. Vegans chime in “but still a death”. Yes, a death. It happens all along the food chain and people are no different than anything else that kills, chews, eats and digests prey. A plant is still a living thing and eating it kills it. Consumption and death go hand in hand. To live, something else must die. The sooner vegans realize this truth the sooner they can enjoy a good bit of sausage.



A farmer thanked firefighters who rescued a litter of piglets and two sows from a barn fire in February by giving them sausages, according to local reports.

Source: Pigs rescued from fire later served as sausage to firefighters who rescued them

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