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Episode 63 – Ted Cruz: The Great Escape

Ted Cruz ran away, fled the country, skipped town. If only he would have stayed he could have melted the ice or spun the turbines with his mighty breath!

From both left and right I have read stories assailing Ted Cruz. Some say he “fled” to Cancun, some that he “escaped”. One even said he “abandoned” them. As if he could have taken the entire state of Texas with him!

Now some squinty-eyed prig at CNN says Ted Cruz is an “embarrassment”. He writes, “I have long insisted that a kind of frontier ethic still informs life down here in the Lone Star State. The old American myth of rugged individualism and self-reliance and neighbors helping neighbors. But that doesn’t explain our overwhelming distaste for government.”

Yes – yes it does. It 100% does. That explains everything you need know. Everything! Rugged individualism (not a myth by the way), self-reliance, neighbor helping neighbor. If you do that, you don’t need government. If you believe in those things you believe government is an unnecessary impediment to you. America does have a culture and that is our culture.

Ted Cruz can’t melt the ice. He can’t spin the silly wind turbines, he can’t clear a road, drill a well, pump the natural gas from the ground, he can’t heat the homes, he can do nothing to help anyone in a practical way. That’s why CNN is so upset. They see Ted Cruz as government. Suddenly government skips town. I think this is a shocking realization to them. One that they never want to encounter. A small example of the larger thing that keeps them all up at night. When people are in need, government, like Ted Cruz, can and will do very little to help and are more likely to take care of themselves than you.

2 thoughts on “Episode 63 – Ted Cruz: The Great Escape

  1. Where was all their outrage about all the Democrat politicians that ignored their own covid mandates? They were pretty silent about that, strangely, and that seems a lot more pertinent than Ted Cruz going to Cancun during a storm.

    1. They don’t actually care. They just use it as a weapon. That they don’t complain about their own is the evidence we have that they don’t actually care. It is an act.

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